August 21, 2007

How Many Are You? THREE!

After weeks of incessantly telling us he would be three on his birthday, Ezra's big day came surprisingly free from any references to his new number. Not quite understanding the lack of enthusiasm for being three, it finally struck us all, after we asked him from the passenger seat of the Odyssey how old he was today and he held out the usual two fingers, that he hadn't juxtaposed his birthday with his age. Needless to say, the excitement level swelled upon his realization that he was, "Three NOW?!"

So in honor of our big boy, now turned are three pics from his threerific b-day party.

First Day of School is Swell

Summer is through ... but that's quite alright, because school is very cool for this third and second grader. From new clothes, old friends and new teachers to new classmates, a new playground and the same old school lunches, it's still never been better to be in grade school.