August 31, 2010

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...

Jobe and I get to walk to school twice a day.
Back and forth.
Back and forth.

But some days Jobe disappears.
And a superhero shows up in his place.Even superheros need to hold their mommy's hand sometimes.
And even superheros need a break sometimes.
When that happens,
someone needs to be available to save the world.I do what I can.

August 30, 2010

The Last of Them

Just a few more pics from vacation.We counted Chrystler 300's, water towers and McDonald's.
Jobie was real good at spotting Mickey D's.
Imagine that.This was the only part Ryan liked in the Barbie exhibit.I loved showing Brookie some of the Barbies I had.
And there was this amazing collection of handmade Barbie clothes.
We marveled over those awhile.
When we turned around the boys were gone.
We found them outside of the exhibit.
In a little corner.
Looking at G.I. Joe.
Ryan was very upset that it was such a tiny exhibit.
A whole big exhibit with brochures and everything for Barbie.
And a tiny little corner for G.I. Joe?
He thinks G.I. Joe is much more important to American culture than Barbie.

Always fun to unlock the hotel room door.
While your trunks slide down your rear. Just pure cuteness.
But that's a mommy talking.Jobie loved the falls.
Just pure handsomeness.
But that's a wife talking.Still love that smile.

Not sure why.
But I love this one.
Although it could be better.
Two words.
Dark chocolate.My girl.
I love her.Checking out the polar bear.
Nice tushy!
The kids thought we took too many pictures.
But they managed to keep smiling.
Tomorrow I'll bring you back to my real world.
Things have been busy here.
As if that's anything unusual.

August 27, 2010

Fingerprint Friday

3.24 billion.
That's how many gallons of water
flow over Niagara Falls.


My God is so big.
So strong and so mighty.
There's nothing my God cannot do.

Deuteronomy 10:17&21
For the LORD your God
is God of gods
and Lord of lords,
the great God,
mighty and awesome...
He is your praise;
He is your God,
who performed for you
those great and awesome wonders
you saw with your own eyes.

Each week Beki at therustedchain hosts Fingerprint Friday and uses a song by Steven Curtis Chapman as a springboard. Join in. It's a great way to be reminded of God's presence.

August 26, 2010

Too Long

16 years.
That's too long.
But that is almost exactly how long it had been.
Since I had seen my best friend, Myrah.
From my first year of college in Chicago.
She had never met my kids.
I had never met her husband.

Here she is 19 years ago.
She's gonna love this.

There were 5 of us that did a lot together.
I'm still amazed that they included me.
They were all creative.
And I was...
A small town Kansas girl.
With no amazing talents.
Who had never been away from home.
And was incredibly homesick.But somehow they put up with me.
And gave me lots of great memories.
Myrah was a bridesmaid in our wedding.
That was the last time we had seen each other.
The other 3 I have not seen since 1992.
Christy in the back left was my roommate.
Back to 2010.
Myrah grew up and still lives in New York.
Niagara Falls is about 5 hours or so from her.
I asked her if she would like to meet us in the middle.
And she did.
We hung out in Rochester.
Went to a zoo.
Lake Ontario.
Left the hubbies and my kids at the hotel.
And went for coffee.
Just the two of us.
Closed down Starbucks.
Then breakfast in the morning.
Before heading our seperate ways again.

It was super!
And she surprised me.
She's gonna be a momma.
So excited for her and her man!
She will be a super fun mom.We really liked her hubby too.
Although I knew he had to be pretty great to have picked Myrah out.Thanks, Myrah and Josh!
It better not be 16 years before we meet again.

August 25, 2010

Niagara Falls

Was gorgeous.We did Journey Behind the Falls.
Where we were given this flattering rain gear. And saw this view.
Which was a view of...nothing.
Except moss vines.Then we stepped out on a balcony.
And had this view.And looked like this.Ryan looks great.
I look like a banana.
How does that happen?

We went on Maid of the Mist.
A boat that takes you near the base of the falls.Amazing.Then paid a ridiculous amount for lunch.
But had an incredible view.There were fabulous flowers everywhere.
Somehow I managed to take a picture of
none of them.
In my defense, Ryan was in charge of the camera. God's creation is unbelievable!

August 24, 2010

First Days of School

The first day of school
this year
was nothing like the first day of school
last year.

It was not at all relaxing.
But they all made it.
And I somehow survived.

It was a day of firsts for everyone.

First off, Lara.
First day in an American school.Next, Jake.
First day at a new school. Then, Ezra.
First day ever.Finally, the next day, Brookelynn.
First day at new school.Assessments from the first day.

Lara: Boring.
As a new student, she watched videos all day.
About the school district, the school itself, etc.

Jake: Hated it.
He couldn't get his locker open.
His brand new locker shelf broke.
One of his best friends is in a class across the school.

Ezra: Loved it.
He did not want to come home.
And told me that he wouldn't have.
But he was really hungry and wanted lunch.
He only goes half day for the first 7 weeks.

Brookelynn: I felt so grown-up.
She moves from class to class.
Has friends in every class.

And today?
Today finally feels like things have slowed down a little.
I read books to Jobe.
He watched Sesame Street for the first time since May.
I'm trying to organize pictures from the summer.
It's been nice.

August 19, 2010

This Morning

Was hard.

Took an overwhelmed Lara to the high school.
Made sure she could still get into her locker.
Helped her locate her first class.
Left her looking scared out of her mind.

Rushing back home.
Hoping to make it before Jake was picked up.
Tapping the steering wheel.
I'm sure it was the longest train.

Pull into drive.
Missed Jakie.
Ezzie jumping up and down in driveway.
Backpack on.
So excited.
So nervous.
Walk to school.
Across our field of dewy grass.
Soggy grassy feet.
Half way there realize Brookie isn't with us.
She was really wanting to take Ezzie the first day.
(she starts school tomorrow)
Me: Where's Brookie?
Hubby: In bed.
She is not going to be happy when she wakes up.

Leave Ezzie.
Not him.

Ryan: Jobie, aren't you going to miss Ezzie?
Ryan: He's in good hands.
Ryan: Jobie, you'll be going to school in two years.
Thinking it's funny to say things to make me cry.

Pictures will come tomorrow.
When I am more composed to look at them.

Now this mama is going to read some books to her 3 year old.
Before her daughter wakes up.
Angry that she missed all the excitement.

August 18, 2010

Lake Swimming

Swimming in a couple of the Great Lakes
was the highlight of our trip.
For the kids.
They were so happy.

It was difficult to get a good picture.
Especially of Ezzie.
He was moving too much.
So, I got this.And this.Brookie and Jakie found a pair of sunglasses at the bottom of the lake.
Love the looks on their faces.It was easier to get pics of Jobie.
He stayed near the shore line.
And found rocks.
Lots and lots of rocks.And then...
Before we could stop him...10 feet from the shore.
People all around.
Looking at us like we were hicks.
Brookie thought she would die.
Ryan and I just laughed.
And took a picture.
Look closely.
You'll see the splattered sand.

Good to run again.So.