December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

from the Entz's.

December 23, 2011

Let the Unwrapping Begin

Our Christmases begin tonight.
And every night is full until New Year's Eve.
We're popular people.
Except on New Year's Eve apparently.
No one wants to party with us.

The little boys are bouncing off the walls this morning.
Christmas is just too exciting.
But they sure are cute.

Ezzie has been busy making gifts.
And wrapping them.
He uses about twice as much paper as he needs.
Which is just fine.
We have 30,000 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper.
I seem to have turned into my grandma.

And now some pics.
That have absolutely nothing to do with this post.
And are nearly a month old.Before we know it, we will be taking the tree down.
And packing up all the decorations.
I'm going to try to soak up every moment.

December 16, 2011

Fingerprint Friday

Well, I popped over to Beki's blog before posting this.
And wouldn't you know it.
She has verses from the same passage.

Pretty cool how God can lay the same scripture
on the hearts of different people.

These verses are from Mary's prayer.
Before Jesus was born.

I made a little gift for my Bible study gals.
With these verses.
(I was finally a tiny bit crafty.
But then forgot to take pictures of the final product.)

You know what I just realized as I'm typing this?
I put the wrong reference.
It should be Luke 1:49-50.
Oh my goodness.
So irritated with myself right now.
Wondering where exactly my brain was.
How did I get both the chapter and the verses wrong?

Now you all know I'm not perfect.

Hoping I take time
during this last busy week
before Christmas,
to stop and remember what great things
the MIGHTY ONE has done for me.Each week Beki at therustedchain hosts Fingerprint Friday and uses a song by Steven Curtis Chapman as a springboard. Join in. It's a great way to be reminded of God's presence.

December 15, 2011

On Christmas Music

And poo.
And Christmas past.

On Christmas music:
I like Justin Bieber's Christmas song.
Under the Mistletoe.

I also suddenly like Last Christmas.
Wham's version.
I've never liked that song.

Something odd is happening to me.

On poo:
Jobie while sitting on the commode the other day:
Mommy, I bet Everett is pooping right now too.
(Everett is a friend of his from church)
Who thinks things like that?
Pretty sure I've never had that thought.

one of my friends and I
would weigh ourselves before and after
we did our business.

Is that too much information?

On Christmas past:
Our first Christmas at this house.
We just wanted one picture.
Without Jobe sucking his thumb...or crying...or sucking his thumb...or crying...I remember at the time getting so frustrated with him.
Now these pictures make me laugh.

Funny how in the moment I can get so irritated.
Seems stupid now.
But then, so does my poo story.

I was 10.
And 10 year olds are weird.
And immature.

I am nothing like that now.

December 07, 2011

The Halls Are Decked

A little taste of Christmas at our house.Our real tree.
Bought it at the grocery store.
It's one of the prettiest trees we've ever had.The reason we celebrate.
Amazed at the love of God.
To send His only Son.
To be the Savior of the world.
To be my Savior.We have lots of Christmas books.And music.
You name it.
I listen to it.Christmas pictures for the fridge.
Jobe's.Ezra's.Ornament from Germany.
(Someday I'm going to commit myself to getting a new camera.
And becoming a better photographer.
Entzville.Are you bored yet?
Just a bit more.The mantle.I love the little tin.
A birthday present from a dear friend.
Thanks, Danielle!
(And Amy for giving her the idea.
And another Amy for making it.)
Our white tree.There's lots more.
But I'll spare you the rest.

We bought a cheap 6 foot tree for the basement.
And some purple and gold ornaments.
(The colors of the college Ryan works for.)
Brookie and Jakie stayed up until 1:00AM or so.
Setting it up and decorating it.
They maybe can get along sometimes.
There's hope!

I gotta go.
I really shouldn't be blogging even.
But I miss everyone.
Haven't even been reading blogs lately.
I don't know how I can be so busy.
It's ridiculous really.

I'm going now to clean the little boys' room.
It's...there's really no word for how bad it is.
But we're having a party here Sunday evening.
50-60 people.
Good motivation to get some cleaning done.

Go me!
(Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader.)

November 26, 2011


Yesterday did not go as I had pictured it.
But then again.
When does it ever?

It all started out great.
We got the Christmas decorations down from the attic.
We found a great tree.
Really quickly.

Jake told me the other day:
Mom, you know what the worst thing is
about the day after Thanksgiving?
Picking out the Christmas tree.
It always takes us too long.

Well, it didn't this year.
I was thinking things were going to be beautiful.
All day.

We got home.
Took some pictures.
Got the tree in the house.
And then things weren't so beautiful anymore.

The kids fought.
Especially the little boys.
Jobie cried a thousand times.
Ryan and I might have gotten a little upset.

One brand new strand of lights.
That worked when we tested them.
Did not work when we got them on the tree.
In the middle of the tree.

I got one of my lights stuck in a village house.
Ryan couldn't find his needle nose pliers to get it out.

Two ornaments were broken.
By me.
One snow globe was broken.
By the little boys.
One ceramic tree was broken.
By Jobe.

I cannot get my mantle right this year.
(I am decorationally challenged.)
Wanted to do something different.
It just isn't working.
Brookie told me to give up.
No way.
I will get it.
Haven't yet.
But I will.

In spite of all that.
As I looked at pictures from yesterday.
All I could do was smile.
And be grateful.Our life may look and feel like a mess sometimes.
But it is beautiful.

Because God is good.

He has richly blessed us.
And it's only the tip of the iceberg.
He has so much more.

Some of it may not seem beautiful initially.
We may not even see the beauty
in some things
until we reach heaven.
But we will.
In its time.

Because God has promised.Ecclesiastes 3:11
He has made everything beautiful in its time.
He has also set eternity in the human heart;
yet no one can fathom
what God has done
from beginning to end.

November 22, 2011

Wings Soccer

We took Brookie to a Wings soccer game this weekend.
She was super excited to go.
I was too.

When I was her age.
We went to at least a couple games a year.
Always fun.
Especially when I went with my best friend.
We would argue over who was the cutest best player.
(It was Chico, right Sarah?)

Then suddenly the Wings were no more.
Sad day.

They have returned.

The game was so much fun.
Even though we lost.

So adorable when she stuffs her face.Retro Wings shirt.That was mine.
How it stayed that white, I have no idea.
Either my mom was amazing at getting stains out.
Or I was the perfect child.

Pretty sure it was the latter.

November 21, 2011

And the Culprit Is...

So glad it wasn't a coon.
Or a skunk.
Or a possum.

Last week we heard a scratchy noise.
Right outside our sliding glass doors.
The sliding glass doors that go into our family room.
Were we spend nearly every evening.
So I go over.
Stick my head up to the glass.
See a little possum.
Peeking at me.

I kicked at the door.
And yelled at it.
That was effective.
It moved about 2 feet from the door.
And looked at me.
Kinda' like: you gonna do something?

Of course Jake jumped up:
I'm getting my pellet gun!

I don't think so son.
That possum is on my front patio.
I don't want possum blood all over.
(Sorry for those of you that are squeamish.)

Welcome to our house.
Pardon the crime scene.
We killed a possum.
It was a possum.
Come on in!
What's that smell, you ask?
It's just possum stew.
Been simmering all day.
Want some?

A lovely welcome to our home.

Are we hicks?
The kicking at doors.
Yelling at wild animals.
Grabbing guns.
Sounds like we are on our way at least.

By the way.
The house next door is for sale.
Any one want to buy it?
It's been on the market for over a year now.

Can't imagine why...

November 17, 2011

A Recipe

But you know me.
Since when has it ever just been a recipe?

Yesterday was my sweet nephew's 1st birthday.
I take care of him on Wednesdays.
Jobie was super excited to be with him on his birthday.
And thought we needed a picture of the birthday boy.
So I gave Jobe the camera.Why is it impossible for them not to take a picture
of themselves when they have a camera?
Have you ever read Hints from Heloise?
Her column is in our local paper.
I like to at least skim it.
And have picked up a few helpful tips.
I'm not sure we will use this one:

"Have a scratch or cut
larger than a typical adhesive bandage?
Try using a panty liner.
Tape it to the area using an adhesive bandage."

Brookie and I got the giggles over that one.

Getting to the recipe.
A yummy after school snack.
My kids loved it.
Brookie ate 3.
Then said:
I don't know.
They're not really that great.

Sometimes I don't get her.

Ezra's friend was over.
He said:
Ezra, next time we have a party.
I'm inviting you.
And your mom is going to make these.

He's my new favorite of the kids' friends.

Crunchy Caramel Balls
1 large pkg. jumbo marshmallows
1-12oz. pkg. caramels
1-14oz. can sweetened condensed milk
1 stick butter or margarine
Rice Krispies

In a large saucepan over low heat, melt together the caramels, milk and butter. Stir until creamy. Cool. Using tongs, dip each marshmallow in the caramel mixture, then roll in Rice Krispies. Set on waxed paper. Make 3 dozen plus. My variation:
I used Cocoa Krispies instead.

Next time, I want to dip them in the caramel.
And then a dark chocolate.
Maybe even add some red and/or green sprinkles.
Christmas treats!

Actually, I prefer salty treats to sweet treats.
In case you were thinking.
About what to bring to my house during the holidays.
But I will accept anything, really.

I hate to be picky.

November 14, 2011

Bubbles and Jobe

I'm beginning to understand.
Why the baby in the family is spoiled.

I didn't intend to spoil him.
Really, I didn't.
It just happens.

All of the kids' friends don't help.
Especially Brookelynn and Jake's.
They carry him around.
Tell him how cute he is.He's still so tiny.
But at least he's growing.
He finally outgrew most of his 3T pants.
But 4T shirts still swim on him.I'm trying to get him ready for kindergarten.
Learning all those important things.
Letters and numbers.
Writing his name.
Cutting with scissors.
Wiping his own bottom.
(He's been stubborn on this one.
But I'm certain his teacher next year
will thank me for teaching him this skill.)

He told me today:
My voice is changing.
Don't you think Momma?
Doesn't it sound different?Walking home hand-in-hand this morning.
After taking Ezra to school.
Me: Jobie, how much do you love your mommy?
Jobie (in a loud voice and with a big hop):
A bunch!Then I asked him:
How much does Mommy love you?
He answered:
Forever!No wonder I spoil him.
He always has the perfect answer.

November 10, 2011

Mr. Moosey Takes a Trip

Ryan headed to Chicago Saturday.
I was jealous.
Really jealous.
He got to stay one night with his cousin's family.
I love them.
He got to stay at a hotel on Michigan Ave for 3 nights.
I love Michigan Ave.
He got to eat Chicago-style pizza.
I love Chicago-style pizza.
Did I mention I was jealous?

Moving on...

Ryan took one of the little boys' finger puppets.
And sent us texts.
Documenting Mr. Moosey's stay in Chicago.

Day 1:
Buckled in and ready for the flight.
Waiting for his luggage.
Mr. Moosey at Libby's.
Day 2:
Mr. Moosey worshipping.
Mr. Moosey catching a nap at the hotel.
Day 3:
Mr. Moosey a little scared of heights.
Day 4:
Mr. Moosey helping daddy update facebook between meetings.
Mr. Moosey feels small with all these tall buildings.
Day 5:
Mr. Moosey misses everyone.
He even had to shave this morning
so he would look his best for you.
Mr. Moosey getting ready to board the plane.
He's happy!
Mr. Moosey wanted the window seat.
We were all very glad to pick Mr. Moosey up last night.
Well...and Daddy too.
None of us more than me.
(I might have been getting a bit crabby.)