February 26, 2009

This Is a Take-Over

I (Gina) am taking over our blog. It won't be nearly as creative or well-written, but it might get updated a bit more frequently than once a year. I'll use this first post to recap the past year.

'08 began with getting our house ready to sell. This involved a remodeled master bath, sheetrocking in the basement, painting, a storage shed and lots of cleaning. Once our house was on the market, it sold within nearly a month. Amazing. And, so, at the end of May we found ourselves moving to our new (to us) house--a whole 1/2 mile away.

We love our new place. Lots of room inside and out. With a creek at the back of the property. The house had no basement, so in October we had one put in.

After the first day. A torn up yard and a hole in our foundation.

living on stilts

the "finished" product

We have everything framed (including a master bath and walk-in closet upstairs), an unfinished staircase, electricity and heating and cooling. Now we just need more money to complete it. Brookelynn especially is looking forward to that as she is currently sharing a room with all 3 brothers. She and Jake will each have their own room downstairs.

Brookelynn continues to love soccer. In October during a game we experienced a first...
a broken wrist.

Jake is playing soccer too. He has also discovered a love of sports stats--especially NFL, college basketball and NASCAR.
His glasses are perpetually crooked.

Ezra continues to be our passionate one. He loves to be included with his older siblings but plays so well with his little brother.

it's fun to pretend to be someone else

Jobe is getting close to 2 already and just wants to keep up with everyone else in the family. He is our independent one.

fuzzy, but cute

So, that, not so briefly, sums up our past year. And, hopefully, I'll get the next post up before another year goes by.