August 31, 2011

Just Chattin'

I'm going through the little boys closets.
They have a ridiculous amount of clothes.
It's embarrassing.
So many hand me downs when you're the littlest boys.
There were at least 20 pair of holey jeans.

You know why I kept them?
Because I just knew for sure
there was something I could make with them.
That makes me laugh just typing it.
Make something?
Reality sunk in...finally.
And I threw them all away.
(Sorry to those of you who could have made amazing things with them.)

I found 3 shirts for Jobie.
On a shelf.
In his closet.
Neatly folded.
Just like I would fold them.
Really cute winter shirts.
No idea where they came from.
Maybe a consignment sale?
They are not brand new.
How do I forget these things?

I am so sick of hot weather and watering plants.
I could scream.
So I've been making my kids water.
They need chores.
I need a break.
Sounds like a win-win to me.

Last night as I was leaving the little boys room:
Jobie: I love you, Mommy.
Ezzie: I love you lots and lots.
You're the best momma ever.
How much longer do you think I can fool him?

Ezra has now lost 5 of his original fish.
Saturday we bought him 4 more.
(They were 13 cents each.
We really go all out for our kids.)

One of those 4 died yesterday.
Poor guy.
He always holds each one in his little hand.
And looks at it for a while.
Before he dumps it in the toilet.
And flushes it.

We got "new" dining room chairs.
I found them at a garage sale for $5 each.
4 matching chairs.

We were using 1 wood school chair.
Bought at an antique store.
1 off-white really cute chair.
Bought at an antique store.
1 chair from a pair of chairs that we had.
Once upon a time.
And a folding chair.
(I've said before we are classy people.
I wasn't joking.)

I texted Ryan and said:
For the first time in our marriage we have
4 chairs that match.
His reply: It's almost like we're adults.
He's a funny guy.I like the white.
But I might paint them.
The white might not be quite right for our house.
What would you do?

August 30, 2011

Cute, But...

We might have a problem...

234Ryan saw 6 in all.

The next morning I called animal control.
Remember me and animal control are tight.

Here's how part of the call went.
Me: Ummm. We saw 6 coons in our garage last night.
AC: That's a problem.
Me: Yes. Is there anything you can do about it?
AC: We can come set a trap.
Me: Great! They are eating our cat's food.
AC: Oh, well. Is your cat's food in the garage?
Me: We keep it locked in our shed, but yes, we feed her in the garage.
AC: We can't do anything about the coons then.
You have to remove the food source.
Me: Ok. Well then, how do I feed our cat?
AC: If you don't remove the food source they will keep coming.

Thank you for answering my question.
Trust me, it just got more confusing from there.

So, I called in my own personal animal control.
My 15 year old nephew.
So far he's caught a possum.
And 3 coons.

Two at once one night.
Brookie thought they were so cute.
She had to take pictures.Can't wait for our next conversation, animal control.
We have such confusing frustrating enlightening talks.

August 26, 2011

What Happens When You're the Baby

Your shorts become lederhosen.

That's what the older kids call this.
I have no idea why.
But it's always a guaranteed laugh.
Especially when it rides up the rear.
(we are classy and dignified people) Even Jobe thinks it's funny.
For now anyway...

August 25, 2011

Fish, Spaghettios and a Soccer Ball

The inevitable happened.
Two of Ezra's new fish met their demise.
(dead fish.
and our toilet.
this post is starting off well.)
We knew one was struggling last night.
Brookie asked Ezra:
If it dies will you cry.
Probably not...probably...well...maybe.
So sweet.Then we found not one but two dead this morning.
He didn't cry.
But came close, I think.
Daddy had a nice little ceremony before the "burial".

Moving on...

Princess Spaghettios.
And 6th grade boys.
A perfect combination.
Brookie did a little photo session with one of her soccer balls.The soccer ball has a name.
(penalty kick to the layperson)

Fish, Spaghettios and a soccer ball.
And a toilet.
Funny what shows up in a blog post.

August 23, 2011

Party Time

Yesterday after school.
I had a belated birthday party for Ezra.

An alien/space party.With black hole punch.We played games.Found moonrocks.
And painted them.Created space scenes.Opened and admired presents.
(A fight was brewing over the opening of presents.
Several of them wanted their present to be opened first.
Ezra was looking at me like: what do I do?
I put each kid's name in a hat.
And let Ezra draw names.
Everyone seemed ok with that.
Crisis averted.)
And made alien slime.
Definitely the hit of the party.Last night putting the little boys to bed.
Me: You know Ezra, Jobie helped a lot with your party.
He put everything in the treat bags.
And got the craft bags for the space scene ready.

Ezra: So Jobe did pretty much everything then.

Jobe: Yep. That's why I'm so tired.

I can only imagine the conversation after I left the room.
Ezra: Seriously, what does mom do all day?
Jobe: I know!
What will she do next year without me home to help her?

Not sure what I will do.
But I get a little giddy if I think about it too long.

August 19, 2011


Zechariah 6:13c
And there will be harmony between the two.

For small moments anyway.

Each week Beki at therustedchain hosts Fingerprint Friday and uses a song by Steven Curtis Chapman as a springboard. Join in. It's a great way to be reminded of God's presence.

August 18, 2011

A Birthday and the First Days of School

Yesterday was big for Ezzie.
It was his 7th birthday.
And the first day of school.
He could not sleep the night before.
Too much excitement for a little guy.

When he got to school,
his teacher asked if he wanted to wear the b-day sticker all day.
Or just when I brought his treats later..
He wanted to wear it all day.
Insuring him lots of attention, I'm sure.In the afternoon, his class sang "Happy Birthday" to him.
And he got to wear a special hat.
Doesn't he look excited about it?He could have worn the hat the last 1/2 hour of the day.
But he declined.
Sticker is one thing.
Hat is another, I guess.

Presents always make a kid smile big.
Jakie has two frogs and a mini turtle.
Ezzie has been wanting a pet for awhile now.

His last present was a box with fish food in it.
He looked at it.
And looked at it.
And finally said.
You got me a fish?
Were is it?
I will always remember how he said it.
One of those memories to treasure.They were waiting for him in his room.
7 fish.
Finally pets of his own.
Brookie helped him name them last night.
They wrote them all down.
He took the list to school this morning.
You need to share these things with your friends.

1st grade.
Yesterday was a big day for Brookie too.
First day in Junior High.
Can you hear my sigh?
She was nervous.
Very unlike her.
She didn't even eat breakfast.
Glad I went all out and bought Toaster Strudels.

7th grade.Jobie did not want to be left out.
I had to lay out clothes for him the night before too.
Yet he insists he is not going to school next year.
Today was Jake's 1st day.
He did not want his picture taken.
But mom wins.
The boy would not give me a good smile.

6th grade.His sister stepped in and tried to help.
That always works.
Then his best friend showed up.
With the hot rod.
That was all it took to get a genuine smile.Sweet ride.
Great first day of school tradition.Another summer that flew by.
One more year with my baby.
Then off he goes too.

Scary thought.
Exciting thought.

August 16, 2011


The view.The kids.Us.
Morning walk on the beach.Lots of sand time.And relaxing.Searching for shells.Building sand castles.Pool time, with the floaty.Togetherness.New shades.Learning to dive.Posing for pictures.Pouting.Enjoying the waves.Taking directions.Our house...kinda.Daddy time.Tourist shopping.Smiles.There were lots of other things too.
Around 2500 miles.

Yummy steaks and seafood.

Loosing prescription sunglasses.
In the gulf.
(See the shades on Ryan in the pic with Brookie?
Bye-bye shades)

Looking at our daughter.

So much fun.
(Except for that last part)