December 25, 2007

Christmas Slide Show

Here's a quick slide show taste of what christmas is like in the entz household.

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December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas

From us to you.

October 16, 2007

August 21, 2007

How Many Are You? THREE!

After weeks of incessantly telling us he would be three on his birthday, Ezra's big day came surprisingly free from any references to his new number. Not quite understanding the lack of enthusiasm for being three, it finally struck us all, after we asked him from the passenger seat of the Odyssey how old he was today and he held out the usual two fingers, that he hadn't juxtaposed his birthday with his age. Needless to say, the excitement level swelled upon his realization that he was, "Three NOW?!"

So in honor of our big boy, now turned are three pics from his threerific b-day party.

First Day of School is Swell

Summer is through ... but that's quite alright, because school is very cool for this third and second grader. From new clothes, old friends and new teachers to new classmates, a new playground and the same old school lunches, it's still never been better to be in grade school.

July 26, 2007

Farm + Work

July 14, 2007

Just Left of Left Field

A trip to KC sometimes just isn't complete without a trip the "K" to take in a game. (Disclaimer: although the guys are true-blue Dodger fans, we humor the ladies and somewhat hesitantly "root, root, root for the Royals" for nine.) And on this chilly summer night, the "other" boys in blue gave the not-quite-sold-out but - thanks to the group of high-schoolers a few rows up and a lone fan trying to start the wave - very enthusiastic crowd a great show.

Although no home runs came our way for a major-league souvenir, we did manage to keep the cotton candy boy at bay. And then it was "one...two...three strikes you're out" - of there in the middle of the eighth inning because that's about as much as Jobe could handle and the kids were getting cold and the rain was coming and we didn't want to chance spying the cotton candy vendor again or be stuck in the parking lot with a not very happy infant - "at the 'ol ball game."

July 02, 2007

The Pigeon Finds a Web Page

Not having visited the Web site of one our family's favorite author ( for quite some time, you can imagine my glee to find out his most favorite and frustrating character - the pigeon - has its own Web site (

Of course, like his books, the site is refreshing and fun...but what do you expect from an author who wants his books to be played more than read?
And whose only requirement for his main characters is that they can be reasonably drawn by a four or five year old?

Nothing less - if I may answer my own rhetorical question. Absolutely, positively, and pigeonesquely...nothing less.

June 27, 2007

Today's B-Day Brought to You by the Number 7

... And the letters J-A-K-E.

No Big Gulps from the 7-11 or any tastings of 7-Up spiked punch were necessary to give this party a SEVEN star rating. Just spending time with the cousins (ironically, seven in all), munching down some nascar cake (see picture for reference - and a sighting of the sponsored number 7), and the opening of...well...a few more than seven gifts.

Tune in next month - plus a few weeks - for a b-day brought to you by the number 3...

June 02, 2007

Got the Bike...But Not a Bite

We've all heard the phrase, "It's just like riding a bike." Implying that once you get it, you never forget how. Apparently, trying to get it, isn't as simple as never forgetting it...especially for a 6 year old. But today we got it. Jake got how to ride a bike, including starting and...well, we're still perfecting the stopping. It wasn't easy to master the starting-by-yourself-part...which became a bit frustrating for dad because it was a smidge terrifying for Jake (who doesn't necessarily embrace the word adventure). But it was time to get this thing got...and today...we got the bike.

After the bike, Jake, Ezra and I took a short walk to our fishing hole to see if the fish were biting. They weren't.

So today, we got the bike...but not a bite.

May 22, 2007

Found in a Notebook

A few pages excerpted from a notebook Brookelynn's been jotting in recently.

Could easily be gracing the gallery-white walls in the Wichita Art Museum...

It's always good to know your strengths...

May 16, 2007

Just Me & My Dad

Today is big brother Ezra day.

The little guy (big brother) is still trying to reconcile how much "my baby" (Ezzies coined name for Jobe) will cramp his style. So today, daddy and big brother ezra are hanging out.

First stop...Wal-Mart. Always a good time for daddy's and big bro's. find a first-class and super-fun big-brother toy.

What's next? To be continued...

Lunch at the golden arches with the grandparents. Then, off to pick up a part for grandpa's sprayer. Now...a quick nap - so we're not cranky for the rest of big brother ezra day....

After some crafts and a little scribble art it was time for some end-of-day reading. We chose one of our favorite pigeon books from one of our most fun authors, Mo Willems.

...Just me and my dad.

May 12, 2007

One More Makes ... Quatro

Jobe Abraham Entz : May 11 : 2007 : 07:32

The gang of four

A little shut-eye

Littlest "big" brother not so sure

May 08, 2007

Think Like Christ

Your attitude should be the same as Christ... - Philippians 2:5
Have you noticed that when you strive to have the same attitude of Christ everthing turns into a problem?

Christ's attitude is self-sacrificing, humble...putting others before ourselves. Our attitude, despite best intentions, tends to border on the proud and selfish nature. It seems that when we try to put on the attitude of Christ that we start having problems -- a struggle begins within us.

For instance, it's picture day at school and the one shirt you "had" to wear is piled in the laundry because Mom didn't do wash; you find out at breakfast that someone munched down the last of the toasties and oats even though they knew you liked them best; and now it's getting late and you need to spike your hair but your sister's hogging the bathroom...

Suddenly, it's a problem.

And there's this spiritual tug-a-war raging through different situations all day long where you have to choose whether you will have the attitude of Christ or not.

We need to prepare our minds FOR the problem, like Joshua, "for me an my house we will serve the Lord..." BEFORE the problem.

Now instead of everything being a know the solution. If we're prepared and have already put on the attitude of Christ, when a situation arises it will be much easier to honor God by demonstrating an attitude of Christ.

So, you thank mom for all she does, cheer that someone else could also enjoy your toasties and even tell big sis how nice she looks.

No problem.

Weird Cousins

I have a very weird cousin. Her name is Adrianna. I am weird too. We like people to take pictures of us being weird. Every time we have to take a nice picture when we are together we ask if we can take a funny picture. They always say yes. Here we are at Disney World. Being weird, of course.
- Brookelynn

May 07, 2007

Envelope Monster

< This is Jake
(not normally in a tux)

This is Jake's monster >
(not to scale)

Jake got a new notebook and decided to start creating monsters. Not your average monsters...but, perhaps, your every day monsters. Monsters inspired by normal, every day ... things. Things like trees, books and, of course, envelopes (as shown).

It's sort of become Jake's own "daily monster." In the coming weeks, Jake will post -- with commentary, of course -- concepts of his every day monsters.

Word Food

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that
proceeds out of the mouth of God. - Matthew 4:4

One of my favorite scriptures from one of my favorite passages. So...What makes God's word, good food?

God's word gives us a taste of God; because God's word reveals God. In fact, God's word IS God. God wants us to consume His word. To be nurtured by His word. To live off His word.

God's word feeds our souls. It purifies our souls. Most importantly, it saves our souls. God's word comforts, convicts and converts. God's word is living. God's word is active. But God's word will never fade away.

It's no wonder God has exalted above all things His name and His word (Psalm 138:2). Both are perfect, because both are one.

God loves His word. How can we do any less?