September 30, 2009


When I pick up my baby.
Especially in the morning.
When he has bed head.
And I haven't seen him all night.
And he's in his cute little pj's.
I have to kiss him.
It's impossible not to.
And again.
And again.
And don't tell me he is not a baby anymore.
He will always be my baby.

I wonder if he will let me do this when he's 20.
He better.

September 29, 2009


Jobie's always one step...or many...behind.
But Jake and his friends always include him.
So sweet.

September 28, 2009

The Stack

Friday afternoon.
The plan was to make a 40 minute drive.
To Brookelynn's soccer practice.
And then.
It rained.
I got the call I was dreaming of.
No practice.

I got out my stack of magazines.
They have been waiting for me for quite some time.
Pulled out my favorite mug.
(Flowers courtesy of my guy.)
And filled it with one of my favorite hot drinks.
Took them all over to my favorite chair.
And got through...four magazines.
Hope another unexpected rainy afternoon comes soon.
I just got another magazine in the mail to add to the stack.

September 25, 2009

Fingerprint Friday

Not sure what this is exactly.
Looks like a cross between
a butterfly and a cicada.
It's amazing to me that I still see
new to me creatures.
This little guy was just hanging out in our yard.
But God is so big.
He created all.
Rules over all.
And knows everything about all.

Psalm 104:24
How many are Your works, oh LORD!
In wisdom You made them all;
the earth is full of Your creatures.

Each week pamperingbeki hosts Fingerprint Friday and uses a song by Steven Curtis Chapman as a springboard. Join in. It's a great way to be reminded of God's presence.

September 24, 2009


A certain someone.
Whom shall remain nameless.
Said it was okay to begin fall decorating.
I've been waiting for the go-ahead.
Because I follow exactly what she says.
Don't we all??
I finally got it.
So here's what I've been doing today.
Fall has gorgeous colors.
Relax and enjoy.

September 23, 2009


I got an e-mail from GAP this morning.
I'm sure many of you received the same one.
They sent out a casting call for kids.
I wonder if these two would make it...

I have to admit at being a little tempted.
To send pictures of my kiddos.

I won't.
But I want to.
A little.

I think my kids could win.
But every other parent thinks the same
about their kids too.
What sweet precious faces.
Thanks beki.
We love the pics.

September 22, 2009


Just a few of my favorites from
our trip to Disneyworld three years ago.

My parents and their six (at the time) grandkids.
We stayed at Wilderness Lodge.
The kids' mouths dropped open
when they saw how big it was.
This was Jakie's favorite ride.
He talked about it for a LONG time
after the trip.
Waiting for the bus to take us back to the lodge.
Brookie just looks so sweet here.
Ryan's fave character.
Ezzie was not so sure.

Small world.
Love the looks on their faces.

Ryan used these last two
to design our Christmas card that year. Some employee came out of a store
as we were walking by and named us
Family of the Day.
They embroidered the kids' names for free.

If you have never been,
you need to go.
It really is a magical place.

September 21, 2009


Three years ago this week
my kids saw an ocean for the first time.
And I saw the Atlantic for the first time.
My parents took my brother's family
and our family to DisneyWorld.
Six adults and six kids for six days.
We arrived late in the afternoon.
Our first stop was the ocean.
We didn't have Jobie then.
We did know we were going to be adding
a fourth kid.
But at the time I was glad we only had three
to keep track of.
We told the kids not to get too wet.
How stupid where we?
It's an ocean.
How do six kids not get too wet?

our brilliant plan failed.
But they sure had fun.

I say it all the time lately, but...
Wow, time flies.
Ezzie now wears the clothes Jakie wore.
And Jobie is now the same age Ezzie was.
I guess it's time to go again.
Mom and Dad???

September 18, 2009

Fingerprint Friday

Isaiah 52:7
How beautiful on the mountains
are the feet of those who bring good news,
who proclaim peace,
who bring good tidings,
who proclaim salvation,
who say to Zion,
"Your God reigns!"

Each week pamperingbeki hosts Fingerprint Friday and uses a song by Steven Curtis Chapman as a springboard. Join in. It's a great way to be reminded of God's presence.

September 17, 2009

Hillbilly Belt

Poor tiny baby.
Pants never fit him.

Classy, huh?

September 16, 2009

I'm Bad

Last night Jennifer Aniston was on Conan.
She walked out looking gorgeous.
Was there any doubt?
But when she sat down and crossed her legs,
I saw cellulite.
Made my day.

I may have more than her.
But we finally have something in common.
How can something so shallow
make me happy?
I told you I'm bad.

Here's something else that makes me happy.
Check out some great family pics here.

September 15, 2009

Simple, Gooey Goodness

Not sure who "invented" them.
But I am sure that person should get an award.
There's no way you can be crabby when you eat these.
And they don't even contain chocolate.
They are so simple.
Only three ingredients.
Butter, marshmallows, rice krispies.
But so yummy.
After looking at these pictures again,
I think I need new pans.
Or maybe I need to scrub them better.
Now you're finding out the real me.
Well, at least they are well-seasoned.

The sauce pan is my tea-brewing pan.
I don't have a teapot.
And I always forget to put out sun tea.
Until half an hour before supper.
Not enough time for sun tea.
But plenty of time for brewed tea.

And the 9X13 is my everything pan.
It's my favorite one.
I use it all the time.
I have other 9X13's.
Just particularly fond of this one.
How can you be fond of a pan?
No idea.
But I am.

I digress.

I always add extra butter and marshmallows.
That makes them better.
And more fun to eat.
That piece hanging from Ezra's hand?
Ended up on the floor.
I ate it.
Good stuff.

September 14, 2009

Didn't Happen

If you were expecting to see pictures of colorful walls,
leave now.

When we first put the basement in last fall,
I thought the kids would be in their rooms by Christmas.
Then it changed to spring break.
Then beginning of summer.
Then before school started.
I'm a slow learner.

Why do things always take longer than you expect?
We did get the rooms primed.
And the paint purchased.
Then we had to mow the lawn.
Clean up the yard.
(We had family pics at our house the next day.)
Clean up the kids.
And head to a football game.

You can't just paint all day, you know.
It gets old after a while.

We met some friends.
And had a great time.
Way more fun than painting.

Tossing the pigskin.
Well, nerf-skin.
Ryan took pictures on the field for work.
They all got megaphones.
Good idea at a football game.
Bad idea at home.
The only pic Jakie would let me take of him.
Meet Ezzie's "girlfriend".
She's 12.
He has the biggest crush on her.
We are in soo much trouble with this boy.
So, see, I say to myself.
It's okay if things don't happen on your time-line.
It can be a lot more fun that way.