July 14, 2007

Just Left of Left Field

A trip to KC sometimes just isn't complete without a trip the "K" to take in a game. (Disclaimer: although the guys are true-blue Dodger fans, we humor the ladies and somewhat hesitantly "root, root, root for the Royals" for nine.) And on this chilly summer night, the "other" boys in blue gave the not-quite-sold-out but - thanks to the group of high-schoolers a few rows up and a lone fan trying to start the wave - very enthusiastic crowd a great show.

Although no home runs came our way for a major-league souvenir, we did manage to keep the cotton candy boy at bay. And then it was "one...two...three strikes you're out" - of there in the middle of the eighth inning because that's about as much as Jobe could handle and the kids were getting cold and the rain was coming and we didn't want to chance spying the cotton candy vendor again or be stuck in the parking lot with a not very happy infant - "at the 'ol ball game."

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Val said...

take me out to the ballgame...looks like fun.

heard from Aunt Janice you made an important list - Congratulations!