June 02, 2007

Got the Bike...But Not a Bite

We've all heard the phrase, "It's just like riding a bike." Implying that once you get it, you never forget how. Apparently, trying to get it, isn't as simple as never forgetting it...especially for a 6 year old. But today we got it. Jake got how to ride a bike, including starting and...well, we're still perfecting the stopping. It wasn't easy to master the starting-by-yourself-part...which became a bit frustrating for dad because it was a smidge terrifying for Jake (who doesn't necessarily embrace the word adventure). But it was time to get this thing got...and today...we got the bike.

After the bike, Jake, Ezra and I took a short walk to our fishing hole to see if the fish were biting. They weren't.

So today, we got the bike...but not a bite.


The Paulsens said...

Hello Entz Clan,

I thought I lost Danielle P. forever but we just got in contact again and she mentioned your blog. What an amazing family! I don't think we'll be catching up any time soon. God blessed us with a beautiful daughter a few months ago - www.paulsenpages.blogspot.com.

Take care! Lindsay (Bruning) Paulsen

danielle said...

Ahhh, raisin' up a fisherman as well as a fisher of men huh?! Well done, take it to nature.

Amy said...

Well said.