June 27, 2007

Today's B-Day Brought to You by the Number 7

... And the letters J-A-K-E.

No Big Gulps from the 7-11 or any tastings of 7-Up spiked punch were necessary to give this party a SEVEN star rating. Just spending time with the cousins (ironically, seven in all), munching down some nascar cake (see picture for reference - and a sighting of the sponsored number 7), and the opening of...well...a few more than seven gifts.

Tune in next month - plus a few weeks - for a b-day brought to you by the number 3...


Anonymous said...

yummy! ahem, so is that-a cake, mmm, mailable do you think? 'cause it surrre looks tasty

The Piersons said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!! That is a pretty snazzy cake you have there.