October 12, 2011

Try to Keep Up

This post starts with nothing.
Ends with nothing.
With a whole lot of nothing in between.

There's no school the rest of this week.
When I got out of the shower this morning,
this is how my little boys were.They love each other.

I'm still getting used to my hair.
Jobie often says:
Mommy, you're different on top.
Cracks me up.

I'm letting it dry natural today.
See what happens with that.
So if you see me at church tonight.
And my hair looks like poo-poo.
That will be why.

We've been super busy with soccer.
Jobe had a clinic.
This picture makes me laugh.His hair is so bouffant.
Have you ever watched Toddlers and Tiaras?
For some reason this picture reminds me of that show.
He's posing.
Fake smile.
Big hair.

That show is a train wreck.
One mom said: we're no different than soccer moms.
Cuz I make my kids play.
And put them in pretty makeup.
And ridiculous dresses.
And fake tans.
And fake boobs.
And fake teeth.
And fake eyelashes.
Mmmm, hmmm.
That's what I put Brookie thru before every game.
Oh, my.
Would I like to have a word with that mom.

Stepping off of my soap box now.Glad the rec center can get small enough shirts to fit the kids.

Apparently, I'm in a snippy mood today.

Ezra's also playing soccer.
But I haven't taken any pictures.
Poor Ez and Jake.
The poor neglected middle children.

Brookelynn was in a tourney a couple weeks ago.
Took 2nd.Woohoo!

Ryan's two brothers' boys.
And Jobe.
The two blondes live about 2 hours away now.We're going to see them tomorrow.
And then headed to KC for the rest of the weekend.

I've done 8 loads of laundry in the past 2 days.
And all but one of them is folded and put away.
That's a major accomplishment for me.

I already know what I'm making for supper.
I've been having a hard time on supper menus lately.
So another huge accomplishment.

Let's see...
how else can I pat myself on the back?

One last thing.
Since I know you all must be tired of reading my drivel.
(If you are still even reading this.)
I am having so much fun playing with my ipad.
Love it, Babe.
Thank you!

One funny thing about it.
When you type the word "Awww".
It auto-corrects to a naughty word.
Another word for rear.
Hind end.
Gluteus maximus.
You get the point.

That has the potential to be embarrassing...


Melissa Jensen said...

You make me laugh out loud!! Love your thots that you must think all day long--:)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

This is hands down the best nothingness I've read all day.

team pierson said...

Thanks for the laugh. The pic of Jobe makes me giggle too, the size of the ball makes him look like a giant. As for Brookie's soccer - Congrats to her. Our friend Sean from Crossroads was just talking about his buddy "Bronx" the other day. That pile of little boys in the chair really makes me miss you all.

Danielle said...

You're my hero! 8 loads of laundry and all but 1 is folded and put away?! I've got 3 loads waiting to be folded. 1 is still in the dryer so I can keep tossing it instead of ironing. GINA IS MY HERO!!!!