November 03, 2011

October 31

Halloween was different this year.

Somehow we managed to get no pictures of the kids together.

Jake took awhile to decide if he was even going.
So we threw together a "costume" at the last minute.

Our daughter.
Our oldest.
Our most...ahem...mature.
Decided to have a major and ridiculous meltdown.

She composed herself enough for a pic with her cousin.They were little girls.
My husband might have asked her.
In the middle of her meltdown.
If she was just acting out her costume character.
As you can imagine, that was well-received.
Good times with the Entz's.

Our boys and nephew.Jake was a KU fan.
Real clever, huh?
It was the best I could come up with in 10 minutes.

Ezra was a pirate.
The wig did not stay on too long.
Jobie saw his costume at a consignment sale.
And had to have it.
It was $4.
I indulged.
He calls it: Monster Cookie.Oh, my heart.
I don't want him to grow up.


Jody said...

Monster Cookie ♥ Love that.

Tami said...

How cute is that!? Monster Cookie!

Danielle said...

Monster Cookie is just too cute! The pirate made me smile all morning :) When will our older kids outgrow this fun?!

Joan said...

I enjoy reading your blog (love the writing) and the one just prior to this? outstanding!!!

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I too love the "Monster Cookie." AND, I'm glad you're honest about the "Good Times with the Entz's." We have those as well...even at a 3 year-old level.