December 15, 2011

On Christmas Music

And poo.
And Christmas past.

On Christmas music:
I like Justin Bieber's Christmas song.
Under the Mistletoe.

I also suddenly like Last Christmas.
Wham's version.
I've never liked that song.

Something odd is happening to me.

On poo:
Jobie while sitting on the commode the other day:
Mommy, I bet Everett is pooping right now too.
(Everett is a friend of his from church)
Who thinks things like that?
Pretty sure I've never had that thought.

one of my friends and I
would weigh ourselves before and after
we did our business.

Is that too much information?

On Christmas past:
Our first Christmas at this house.
We just wanted one picture.
Without Jobe sucking his thumb...or crying...or sucking his thumb...or crying...I remember at the time getting so frustrated with him.
Now these pictures make me laugh.

Funny how in the moment I can get so irritated.
Seems stupid now.
But then, so does my poo story.

I was 10.
And 10 year olds are weird.
And immature.

I am nothing like that now.

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