April 11, 2012

Jobe and Kindergarten

It appears my baby is ready for kindergarten afterall.
Jobe had been insisting he didn't want to go.
Doesn't want to turn 5.
Doesn't want to grow up.

Last night was pre-enrollment.
We walked to the school.
He held my hand the whole way.
So I knew he was nervous.One of the teachers asked him what his name was.
He spoke right up.
A couple of months ago
he would have hid behind my legs.

He said: Jobe
I was surprised he didn't say: Jobie.

He even spelled his name for her.
I didn't know he could do that.
He writes his name.
I just didn't know he could spell it out loud.

Yah, me.
For teaching my kid things without knowing I did.

My other kids knew the alphabet.
Could write it.
Even read a little.
Before kindergarten.
Not so much Jobie.

I've still got a few months...

He is a great counter though.
I was a math teacher at one point.
His daddy is the writer.
He really should be the one to teach him letters.
Right?I'm fairly certain I will have streams of tears.
The first day of school.
But I didn't even get teary last night.
Proud of myself for that.

I just asked him:
Jobie, did you have fun last night?
Jobie with a big nod: uh-huh!
Me: So are you ready for kindergarten now?
Jobie with another big nod: uh-huh!

Ok, now I think I'll go cry.


Susan S. said...

What a cutie! And Good Job Mom....they learn a lot without us knowing...don't they? Happy Spring Ya'll from Houston, TX

Amy said...

Yay Jobie!! Way to be brave! :)

Charlotte said...

I agree. I think the first day of school next year might be a little tough. But I also think that it won't take much getting used to. :) I like to think that I'm going to get a ton of projects done, but probably not. Might have to have Titus hide my Kindle. :)

Danielle said...

Yea Jobie!!! Way to go, mom :)