April 04, 2012


We've had so many things happen lately.

In the past few weeks:
1. I've lost my favorite coat.
Left it at a ladies' retreat.
In the closet of my hotel room.
A housekeeper must have really liked it...

2. Brookelynn lost a brand new hoodie.
Her new track hoodie.
She loved it.
Wore it in 80 degree weather even.
Another jr higher must have really liked it...

3. Ezra basically poked a hole in the top of his head.
Ran into the corner of an open drawer .
It bled a lot.
And he has a lot of hair.
So it was hard to see how bad it was.
I told him we might have to shave his head.
He didn't cry until I said that.
He really likes his hair.
That same day he bumped it again.
And it bled a lot again.
I got a little woozy.

4. Jake fractured his wrist.
Playing basketball.
In our yard.
It took a week and a half
for the doctors to decide it was indeed fractured.
He has to wear a brace for 4 more weeks.
He's not happy about it.
But at least it's not in a cast.
And it's his left hand.
He still is out playing basketball everyday.

5. I messed up one of our van doors.
In a big hurry.
Backing out of the garage.
Jake didn't have the van door shut yet.
Whacked it on the garage.
It will shut.
If you slam it real hard.
Ryan says there goes my master bath.

6. KU lost.
We are all sad about that.
Jake's the most upset though.
You can't even talk about it around him.
The morning of the championship game.
I had a migraine.
The worst I've had since high school probably.
I didn't even pay attention
to what the boys put on that morning.
All three were completely decked out.Ezra even made a sign for our door.Inspite of all that,
KU still lost.
But we did have some yummy wings to eat during the game.
And key lime bars.
Made it all a little more bearable.
And the kids got to drink pop.
Always a treat.

This is life.

And I'm not whining.
Things could be much, much worse.
And good things have happened too.
Fun soccer games.
Seeing friends.
Shopping...I love to shop.
Bargain jeans for me.
Cute easter clothes for the kids.
And me.

I've got a beautiful life.
Messy sometimes.
But beautiful.

One last thing.
Totally unrelated.
Other than this is my life:
I'm a dork.
I had to make a little visit to the restroom.
In the middle of this post.
And realized my undies were inside out.
How does that happen?

Did I switch 'em?
Why bother?
The day is half over already.


Anonymous said...

Two things. I ran into our mailbox once with our van and made a big gash in the side. Then a lady at walmart hit us on the OTHER side door. The funny thing was that when we took it in to get fixed on her insurance, they fixed the wrong side. True Story. So they had to fix the other side for free! And, I did that with my underwear once too. Kinda think it's more comfy with the seams out. I did it with a dress once too, at church. Thankfully I was the only one who notice (I think). It was dark green and had a jacket over it LOL.
You do have a beautiful life! Thanks for sharing it!

Amy said...

I totally noticed you had your underwear on inside out. I just didn't want to say anything. ;)

Danielle said...

I guess you can now turn the undies right side out and wear them again tomorrow! :)

Amy said...

Great idea, Danielle! Less laundry! :)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Okay I've totally done that undies thing before. Oops.

I'm sorry for the missing items and wounded children!