May 11, 2012

A Grizzly Birthday

Our boy made his daddy proud.
He chose to have a "Butler" party.
Naturally, he didn't want the Butler "B" on the cake.
He wanted the Grizzly.

I stress myself out every year.
Over the birthday cake.
I may have mentioned that before.
I can't remember.
It's ridiculous really.
But I just want the birthday kid to be excited about their cake.
And I am not an artist.
At all.
But I don't want to pay the money for someone else to do the cake.
So I stress myself out.
And do it myself.

So here's my version of the Butler Grizzly.
We, of course, have no lack of Butler items at our house.
He was excited when Daddy came home with a big foam #1 hand.
He's showing 5.
4 fingers on one hand.
Plus one big foam finger on the other.

Waiting for Daddy to take his picture.
The required picture.
In the chair.
In front of the presents.
Searching for one final present.
In Grandpa's pick-up.
Then he spots it.
Gotta get to it as quickly as possible.
Pretty happy.
I'm having a hard time putting into words my feelings tonight.
So excited for my little man.
And the new experiences he will have as a 5 year old.
At the same time.
So sad to see my baby growing up.

Quitting now.
Or I will wake up my hubby.
Who is snoring next to me on the couch.
With the sobbing that will take place.
If I dwell on all of this any longer.

Happy birthday, Jobie Bear.
Your momma loves you so very much.


Tami said...

:-) What an adorable little man! Moments in life like birthdays and losing teeth always make me teary eyed. Hate that they grow up so fast!

Amy said...

Someone small just crawled up on my lap and said, "Hey! Dat's Jobie!" :)

Your cake looks GREAT! Seriously! I think it's a perfect grizzly!

And that is an awesome bike. Can't wait to see him riding it! :) Happy Birthday to my favorite 5 year old!

Danielle said...

I may have gotten a little teary reading this post. Happy birthday to a happy Jobie! Can't wait to see the bike riding around the neighborhood.