June 27, 2012

The Big Twelve

Apparently I am down to posting only if one of my kids has a birthday.

And even though I would prefer they no longer had them,
they insist on getting another year older.

Today was Jakie's turn.
He's been planning for a long time to go to a water park.

He never wants a big party.
He's pretty easy to please.

Pre sun.

Post sun.
After his brother's baseball game.
Which he was sooo excited to go to.

"Mom, it's my birthday.
Do I really have to go to Ezra's game?"

Am I the worst mom ever to make him go on his birthday?
We make our kids go and support each other whenever possible.

Anyway, as I was saying.
After his brother's baseball game.
We went to eat supper-his choice.
Then family came over.
To watch him open gifts.
And have floats.
I told you he was easy to please.
Happy birthday to my oldest son.

You're crazy intelligent.
Kind to your siblings.
Eager to learn.
Love to share laughs.
And have one of the best smiles ever.

I can't imagine my life without you.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Jake!
I agree with your momma... you have one of the best smiles ever!

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Jakie! You are such a wonderful son, brother and friend. And I agree with your mommy and Amy...you do have a wonderful smile!!