November 28, 2012

Mowing, Art, Holidays and Trees

I mowed about a month ago.
(Real current I know.
But I haven't blogged for a month.
So bear with me.
Did you miss me?
I missed you all)
The bugs were crazy.
I swallowed two.
One went up my nose.
Another one tried to fly into my ear.
Plus there was a fly.
Around my face.
I'm certain it was all fun for the neighbors to watch.

We went to a pumpkin patch this year.
This picture makes me laugh.

Halloween was fun.

Ryan and the little boys did some painting recently.
Ezzie painted a turkey.
I loved it.
And wanted to hang it up.
But he wanted to give it to a friend
who had broken her arm that night.
So we took it to her.

 Thanksgiving was fun.
Ezzie made a teepee at school.
And gave a speech about it.
His class also had a feast.
He was so excited he invited both grandmas to come too.

Jobie drew a thanksgiving feast.
We usually don't make key lime pie on Thanksgiving.
I did this year.

The house is decorated for Christmas.
I'm still changing a few things.
I let the little boys 
put the ornaments on the real tree this year.
That was hard for me.
Control freak.
Ryan doesn't like our real tree this year.
It's not big enough for his taste.
He likes to let it be known
that I'm the one that chose it.
The kids asked if we could return it.
Alright, so I'll admit it's not the best tree ever.
Next year I'll keep my mouth shut.
We'll see how they do without my input.
We have 4 trees this year.
It's a long story...

Before Jobie started school,
he never drew pictures or colored.
Now he will disappear into his room
and come out with pictures like this.
He said this is mommy and daddy.

Daddy says I look hot.
I think we look crazy in love.

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Danielle said...

You are one hot mama!!