October 29, 2012

In the Middle of a Burger King

(I feel like I need to set up this post 
with some info on our Saturdays.)

Most Saturdays are spent at the soccer fields.
With 3 kids playing and one those kiddos reffing also,
we are there all day.
(Brookelynn will ref games before or after her own game.)
So we usually are leaving the house no later than 8am.
And getting home between 5 and 6:30.
The soccer fields are about 35 minutes from our house.
With gas prices the way they are,
once we leave home,
we don't come back until we are all done.

It gets a little old.
And the boys might complain a bit.
But she's earning some money.
So it's worth it.
I guess.

Which brings me to our little story:

This weekend was our last weekend for the fall season.
Brookelynn reffed a game at 9:00.
Since none of our kids had to play in a game until 12:00,
we had some time to kill.
If it's nice, we typically just hang out there.
But it was cold Saturday morning.
And Ryan needed to get some work done.
So we went to a nearby Burger King
for some coffee, orange juice and free wi-fi.
They also happen to have a play place
that the boys love.

So, there we are.
Sitting at a booth.
With our coffee.
Ryan with his ipad and phone.
Me with my phone.
(I left my book at home.
So was reading one of 
Francis Chan's books on my phone.)
Still with our coats on.
(It was cold in there.)
The boys running around the play area.
For nearly 2 hours.
Are you getting a good picture in your head?
We look like...moochers.
And I was feeling a bit conspicuous.

Oh, but it gets better...
The boys, after drinking their oj,
naturally need to visit the restroom.
Jobe, also naturally, is holding himself.
Every time he heads to the restroom.
After one of those trips for both Ez and Jobe,
Ezra comes out of the restroom without his brother.
Walks to our table and says:
Jobe pooped his pants.

He was in the men's restroom.
So, guess who got to go help the boy?
Not me!
I'm just sitting in the booth thinking:
what are we going to do with those undies?
I sent Jake into the restroom to get the car keys from Ryan.
Went out to the car.
Got a Dillon's sack.
Stuck my head in the restroom door.
Handed the bag to Ryan.
Then went back to the car to drive to the nearby Kmart .
To buy some undies.

When I got back,
Ryan was back in our booth (ha!)
with the Dillon's sack sitting at his feet saying:
What do I do with this?
I handed Jobe a new pair of undies.
Told him to go put them on in the bathroom.
Picked up the plastic bag.
And threw it away.

Jobie comes out of the restroom.
Happy about his new dino undies.
And goes back to playing.
While I just look at Ryan,
put my head in my hands and say:
I feel so redneck.

A bit later, a gentleman,
who had been sitting alone nearby,
came over to our table
and introduced himself as a pastor of a local baptist church.
He gave us a brochure for a basketball program they have.
And told us he would personally scholarship 2 of our boys.
So sweet.
But also, further evidence of how we looked.

We had a wonderful visit with him.
And found out that his son
was actually engaged to a girl that I know in our little town.
It's a small world.

It was a humbling morning for me.
I'm a proud girl.
Appearance means too much to me.

Thank you, Lord, for teaching me little lessons.
In the middle of a Burger King.

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