March 05, 2013

I Won

We have a ceiling fan with 4 lights in our bedroom.
When we moved in,
almost 5 years ago now,
one bulb was burned out.

For some reason,
just to be a pain, I suppose,
I decided I wasn't going to change the bulb.
I wanted to see how long it took Ryan to do it.

Time went by.
Probably a year or so.
And another bulb burned out.

And still I waited.

Then another year or so and a third bulb went out.
Leaving us with one good bulb.

And still I waited.

Inevitably, recently, the last bulb burned out.
Leaving us with no bulbs.

I got some bulbs.
Set them on the dresser.
(See, I conceded a bit.
I'm not totally stubborn.)
And waited.

A couple days later.
I walked into our bedroom.
Flipped the switch.
And we had light.

I won the nearly 5 year battle.
I think...


Carmen said...

5 years!! That is too funny. I try similar things with cleaning the cars, doesn't usually work for me either! (:

Amy said...

Nice job. :)

MICHELE said...

That is awesome. And the patience you have!