March 04, 2013

Last Month

Well, February just flew by.
Here's a bit of what went on at the Entz house.

Ryan's 40th birthday.
We were so busy, nothing special happened.
I made him lemon pound cake.
My first time ever to make it.

He said: Do I like this?
Me: Umm. You've asked me to make it before.
Him: I have? Huh...

He really likes Starbucks' version.
I don't think this was quite as good.
Good, just not quite the same.
Ryan liked it, though.
We weren't home for supper the evening of his birthday.
But the next day, I made his favorite.
Tuna steak.

He was definitely more excited about that than the pound cake.

Valentine's Day was low key also.
Dinner at home with the family.
With a few things that the kiddos love.
Plus a rose from Daddy for his little girl.

We have had a couple of date nights.
We went to an opera.
Ryan got free tickets.
It was in English.
And even then, it was difficult to understand sometimes.
It was...ok.
We left at intermission.

We also went to an event for Girl Scouts.
It's always a fun one.
Different restaurants/businesses/candy shops
create a dessert using Girl Scout cookies.
We get to sample all of them.
If we want.
And I want.
Then we vote on the best.
I must make an informed decision.

Sugar overload.
But delicious.
I got this $140 dress for $21.
Then I had to buy some shoes to go with it.
It's hard to see, but these have some coral on them.
Super cute.
I didn't even know Ryan was posing.
Doesn't he look dapper?

We've already had an event in March too.
No pics, though.
I've had fun getting spiffy lately.

I have a new nephew.
Ryan's older brother had another boy.
Welcome to our family little Wyatt.
That makes 8 grandsons for Ryan's parents.
And one granddaughter.
We love all those boys.
But we're so thankful for our 1 girl.
Brookie is still hoping for a girl cousin on the Entz side.

Big brother wasn't too sure about things.
Brookie finally got to hold Wyatt the other day.
We weren't allowed into the hospital.
And then the snow came.
They live out in the country.
It was nearly impossible to get to their house.
Pretty precious.

That's our February.
Besides all the snow...

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