September 12, 2013

Six Months

Where to start?...

Six months.
The light bulb post.
I don't think I proved my point with my hubby.
There's currently 2 bulbs in our family room out.
They've been out for months.
There's 5 more still working.
So I suppose he thinks we're good for a few more months.

Six months.
A couple of hard decisions.
Three birthdays...the boys.
One anniversary...19 years!
(We bought our very first bedroom set.
A queen size bed even.
I feel so grown-up.)
New jobs for Ryan and me.
(Ryan is marketing Carlos O' Kellys.
I'm teaching preschool part time.)
The busiest, strangest summer on record.
(Two trips to the Chicago area,
a trip to Phoenix,
two trips to Oklahoma,
two trips to Kansas City,
a trip to Minnesota,
and we just threw in a trip to Texas over Labor Day weekend.
All by car.
I'm choosing not to add up the gas bill for all that.
And days upon days of rain.
So only one trip to the pool.)
A high school student.
I'm not old enough for this.
Certainly I'm still in my 20's, right?)

Six months.
They all look so big.
It keeps moving.

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Marc, Sarah, Luke, and Kate said...

Since I already said you are indeed in your 20s (like I am still) on Facebook, I'll add a comment here as well! I for one am glad you took a little part time "gig" teaching preschool. Then, you can learn airplane facts and about studying from our child -- Ha!