May 16, 2007

Just Me & My Dad

Today is big brother Ezra day.

The little guy (big brother) is still trying to reconcile how much "my baby" (Ezzies coined name for Jobe) will cramp his style. So today, daddy and big brother ezra are hanging out.

First stop...Wal-Mart. Always a good time for daddy's and big bro's. find a first-class and super-fun big-brother toy.

What's next? To be continued...

Lunch at the golden arches with the grandparents. Then, off to pick up a part for grandpa's sprayer. Now...a quick nap - so we're not cranky for the rest of big brother ezra day....

After some crafts and a little scribble art it was time for some end-of-day reading. We chose one of our favorite pigeon books from one of our most fun authors, Mo Willems.

...Just me and my dad.

1 comment:

danielle said...

What a wise father to have a special outing just for E with dad! It's most important the more tykes around, to build in quality one-on-one time.

I'm wondering what sort of super-fun big brother toy was selected at Wally World...super soaker squirt guns perhaps?...super fast speed racer matchstick cars do you suppose?...super silly putty for passing along a funny comics?...hummm