May 08, 2007

Think Like Christ

Your attitude should be the same as Christ... - Philippians 2:5
Have you noticed that when you strive to have the same attitude of Christ everthing turns into a problem?

Christ's attitude is self-sacrificing, humble...putting others before ourselves. Our attitude, despite best intentions, tends to border on the proud and selfish nature. It seems that when we try to put on the attitude of Christ that we start having problems -- a struggle begins within us.

For instance, it's picture day at school and the one shirt you "had" to wear is piled in the laundry because Mom didn't do wash; you find out at breakfast that someone munched down the last of the toasties and oats even though they knew you liked them best; and now it's getting late and you need to spike your hair but your sister's hogging the bathroom...

Suddenly, it's a problem.

And there's this spiritual tug-a-war raging through different situations all day long where you have to choose whether you will have the attitude of Christ or not.

We need to prepare our minds FOR the problem, like Joshua, "for me an my house we will serve the Lord..." BEFORE the problem.

Now instead of everything being a know the solution. If we're prepared and have already put on the attitude of Christ, when a situation arises it will be much easier to honor God by demonstrating an attitude of Christ.

So, you thank mom for all she does, cheer that someone else could also enjoy your toasties and even tell big sis how nice she looks.

No problem.


val said...

sweet blog cousin. so is the little dude to the right a self portrait?

rentz said...

it's a self portrait...not sure anyone else would claim the art.