May 07, 2007

Envelope Monster

< This is Jake
(not normally in a tux)

This is Jake's monster >
(not to scale)

Jake got a new notebook and decided to start creating monsters. Not your average monsters...but, perhaps, your every day monsters. Monsters inspired by normal, every day ... things. Things like trees, books and, of course, envelopes (as shown).

It's sort of become Jake's own "daily monster." In the coming weeks, Jake will post -- with commentary, of course -- concepts of his every day monsters.


sunrise said...

jake, i agree that there is indeed an envelope monster! i'm most glad that you have brought this monster to the attention of the world at large. i find him - i say "him," however i have no real basis for gender formality - frequently in my mailbox of all places, heartily munching on other mail, even going so far as to spit out fragments that he doesn't find to his liking. occasionally he will even jump into my neighbor's box and switch our mail around which i'm sure he finds very funny.

rentz said...

Yes. That is indeed the work of this envelope fiend. And very rare to see "it" at work munching, chewing and spitting chads of unwanted postal paper - count yourself fortunate to not have a dreadful papercut. But, alas, you have found the sole weakness of our colossal sachet - the World Wide Web. His powers are useless against this paperless environment...indeed, we are safe from its menacing munching.