September 07, 2010

At the K

One of the things we wanted to do
while Lara is living with us
was go to a Royals game.

Brookie had a tournament in KC this past weekend.
The Royals happened to be in town.
And the tournament schedule was perfect.
Yippee!The entire soccer team went too.
Along with lots of dads, moms, siblings, grandmas and grandpas.
54 of us in all.I think Lara liked the game.
She said she did anyway.But in every picture she looks like
she is witnessing one of the strangest things she has ever seen.And apparently...I did some very heavy pondering.While the boys enjoyed a little pink lemonade.
In a George Brett collectible cup.Sadly,
although not surprisingly,
the Royals lost.Someday they will be good again.

1 comment:

The Bohrer's said...

Ever since we moved to KC, the Royals and Chiefs have kind of gone down hill. We try not to take it personally!