September 15, 2010


I love...
That's no lie.
Always have.
Probably always will.

Just wanted to thank you all for the encouragement with Lara.
She has talked with her family several times.
We skyped with them Saturday.
That was fun.
She emails her dad nearly every day.
And she continues to say she is not homesick.
And I really believe she isn't.
We think her biggest hurdle is she's friend-sick.
She did much with friends back in Germany.
Suddenly she has no close high school friends.
She is working hard to change that.
She's a super fun girl.
I have no doubt that before too long she will have many friends here.

About yesterday's post.
Even if we would let Brookelynn go on that trip
(there is nothing to consider here,
she is not going for oh, so many reasons),
she would refuse to go.
She can barely leave us for one night.
At a friend's house.
There is no way she would be able to leave us for 14 nights.

Have a super Wednesday evening!

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