September 22, 2010

A Little Rant

If you like wally-world, just stop reading now.
I would hate to make you mad.
If you aren't a fan, none of this is new to you.
In that case, I really don't need to continue.

Some of you have already quit reading.
And the rest of you are already informed.
But that's not gonna stop me.

Do I spend money at wally-world?
Do I go there more than I would like?
Do I complain everytime I go there?
Pretty much.

There is no doubt that some things are cheaper there.
Personal hygiene, over the counter meds, other stuff.
But there are also plenty of things that are NOT cheaper.
In an effort to save a little money,
I have been doing some comparisons.
Between my not-so-favorite store and Dillons/Kroger stores.

Most of these have to do with baking.
Baking happens a lot at my house.
(I'm not going to argue over the canned goods, chips, cereal.
Dillons is not always cheaper with these,
but if you watch their sales
you can usually get them for the same price,
if not cheaper.)

Here's what I've found:

Sugar is almost 19 cents/lb. less.
At Dillons.

Brown sugar and powdered sugar are 23 cents a bag less.
At Dillons.

A bag of chocolate chips are at least 70 cents less.
At Dillons.
(Dillons has a store brand, wally-world does not.)

Vanilla is 88 cents/oz. less.
At Dillons.

These are all based upon regular prices.
And often all of these are on sale at Dillons.

I could list others...
But that would get old.
As if it already hasn't.

Also, produce may sometimes be less at w-w.
But Dillons' is sooooo much better.

Milk is the same price both places.
(Braums actually has the best price on milk.
If you don't have a Braums you are missing out.)

Oh, two other things I like about Dillons:
1) I rarely have to wait in line at the check-out.
That's enough said there.
2) They take your groceries out to your car.
Help you load your car.
Visit with you.

I've said my piece.
Shop where you want.
I promise I'll like you regardless.
I just may like you a little more if you shop at Dillons.


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I literally just walked in the door from a WalMart trip.

My husband would love this post though, because he always tries to get me to go to Dillons.

My only complaint is that it means going to a different store and I'm usually limited on time. And then when I get there, I don't know where anything is.

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I too would prefer Dillon's, but I often times do go to Wal-Mart because I know my overall bill will be cheaper there (I probably don't need to tell you that). But, I too can rattle off some things that are cheaper at Dillon's (you didn't mention store-brand shredded cheese). BUT, my main comment to this post is that we too LOVE Braum's milk, and I do make special trips there for all of our milk (perhaps it's easier for me because we only have one child at this point). Braum's milk doesn't smell sour like other milks seem to. Braum's milk is the only milk I'll drink as a glass of milk.

Anonymous said...

Plus at Dillon's you get money off your gas ! ! !

flower power momma said...

Bravo! Well said. I prefer Dillons too, and get my meat there vrs W.
Many people say they can't get out of W. w/o spending a ton of money. Stick to the list, don't impulse buy, get a basket instead of a cart.

Besides the gas discount, I use the recycle bags and get 5 cents off for each bag I use.

Natalie said...

ha, this is funny and so true.

don't worry, I too HATE walmart... we haven't been in months! their accusing eyes on me thinking I was shoplifting and needing to check my receipt but NOT even looking at what I had in my hands. I mean come on, if I am going to steal something it WONT be on my receipt! stupid walmart.

plus they always fight me on coupons. every.single.time. i shop target whenever i can and definitely dillons, ha! you are not alone =)

Amy said...

Braums milk is totally the best. We've actually been trying to do more grocery shopping at Dillons and our overall $$ spent has been less. It's too easy to find things you didn't know you needed when you're at Wal-Mart.

MICHELE said...

Here's another little secret. Target is just as cheap as Walmart. (plus Target let's you stack coupons) But shhh don't let the secret out, b/c I enjoy Target's nice atmosphere. Unfortunately, I know you don't have a Taget handy. Really each store has their cheaper items, but overall my SANITY is worth the few extra pennies that it comes down to. I hate Wal Mart and refuse to go there unless it is absolutely necessary!