April 07, 2011


We really wanted Lara to see Chicago.
We knew spring break would be our last chance to take her.

Hancock building.It cost $95 to take our family up.
That is ridiculous!
But we did it. This is Jobie's favorite place to be.
He is going to miss her.
A lot. Favorite place to eat in Chicago.
Yum!And, of course, we did lots of shopping.
At Niketown.And Apple.And LOTS of other places.

If Jobie wasn't on Lara's shoulders, he was with me.
Always way behind the others. Brookie's favorite sign in the city.
We have many pictures of it. No trip to Chicago would be complete without a stop at Wrigley.
Then we headed to Ryan's cousin's.
An hour west of the city.
For a couple days of fun and family.

And guess where I went for the first time?
And guess how many pictures I took?

I was too excited I guess.
But I loved it.
As if I ever doubted I would.


Anonymous said...

What fun to go to Chicago?! oh, the memories. Austin and I lived in the apartment right above LaSalle Flowers while we finished school right after we got married, so I agree with Brookie, it is a cool sign! -Krista

Leslie said...

i love giordanos. and i like going up in the hancock building. i had no idea it was so expensive. the first couple of times i went up, it was free. maybe some day i'll get to go to ikea...

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

1. I've never been to Chicago.

2. Your boots are really cute.

3. Your coat is even cuter.

Anonymous said...

We went to the club at the top and pretended to be customers and it didn't cost us anything, I think.

I've see the LaSalle sign a time or two - thought it was where A & K lived.

Glad you could take your family.


Bethe77 said...

I have never been to the windy city. I think that would be so fun to go and visit. Looks like all where having fun!
Here from finger print Friday