April 06, 2011

Just Stuff

1. I had the theme to Gilligan's Island running thru my head yesterday.
Haven't seen the show for years.
And I don't really like it.

2. I have two pairs of jeans that have ripped.
On my inner thigh.
In the last couple of months.
Clearly there's some extra weight hanging around there.
I've been wanting to get the 30 Day Shred.
But just haven't gotten up the nerve yet.
I always think it sounds nice to excersice.
But when it comes right down to it...
I've also been having dreams.
That I've been wearing these jeans.
Out in public.
And I'm all self-conscious.
And wondering why I decided to wear them.
I rarely remember my dreams.
So it's odd that I've had this a few times.
And remembered it.
Is there some meaning or lesson I'm missing?

3. Although Stalker Cat is dead.
And I know he is.
There is another orange cat haunting our house now.
Not quite as stalkerish as the previous.
But still.

4. I bought a coat for Jobe at Target.
For next winter.
Got it on clearance a couple months ago.
Now I'm beginning to wonder if it is a girl' coat.
In my defense.
It's brown.
A very neutral color, right?
And Target's clearance is all mixed together in the toddler section.
Also, I'm not even sure why I needed to buy a coat for him.
Didn't my other two boys have coats when they were 4?
Apparently I chose to let them freeze.
5. Our bug man came yesterday.
Jobie followed him all over the house.
Jabbering the whole time.
At one point I heard him ask the man if he wanted to play trains.
So cute.
And odd.
He's usually so shy.

6. Jake is working on a solar system project.
I hate school projects.
I'm terrible at helping with them.
Then I just feel like Loser Mom.
For hating it.
For not being helpful.
For not being creative.
So, I just defer it to his dad.

That's all.
Said in my best Miranda Priestly impersonation.


Danielle said...

I also hate school projects and feel like the worst mom. Thank goodness, Hannah and Eli are usually over-achievers and take care of themselves. If they don't, Mitch gets to help with the projects :)

I'm not sure what I'll do with Abi when she starts having school projects. Probably send her to Amy Jones. She's probably very good at school projects. and she's a good mom. You and I can go slack off together somewhere and eat ice cream...in our tight jeans :)

Amy said...

No fair! I wanna go eat ice cream, too! I've got plenty of tight jeans!

And no... I'm guessing I won't be good at school projects. I'm the mom who doesn't return field trip notes and gets "PB&J warnings" from the lunch ladies, remember?

The Bohrer's said...

You crack me up! =) I am with you on the school projects and the deferring to the husband too!