April 27, 2011

Happiness Is

Ezzie grabbing my hand.
And holding it.
The whole way.
As we walk home from school.
Telling me all about his day.

An adorable picture of Jobe.
Taken by Lara.
Flowers Ryan brought home from an event.
The 182 flowers I bought yesterday.
Can't wait to get them planted.
Ezzie's first Jayhawk.
Rock Chalk!
A rainbow of Peeps.My grandma loved Peeps.
They used to only be available at Easter.
She would buy a whole bunch.
And eat one row a day.
Until they were gone.
And then wait for Easter to come again.

Now they are available most holidays.
But Easter Peeps are still the best.
And the chicks are my favorite.

Jobie calls them "Cheeps".

I eat the tail.
Then the little tiny beak.
Then the body.
The head is always last.
It's very orderly eating.

Yummy, yummy Peeps.

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Eli has been talking for 2 weeks about Jake's Santa peeps. He is determined to find some this year. He thinks it's a long time between Easters to wait for peeps. I think they're yuck :)