June 13, 2011

Horses and Kitties

A couple days before Lara left,
we took her to ride horse.
Ryan's brother Tim has two horses.
The Old Mare.
(Such a nice name.
Probably what he's going to call me someday.
Tim, not Ryan.
We're good buddies, Tim and I.)

And Fenway.

Lara rode the Old Mare first.
This horsey kinda' has a mind of it's own.Then she rode Fenway.
She enjoyed that much more.Jobie rode a little with Uncle Tim.
He was not too sure up there.Jake brought his buddy Eli.And our niece, my brother's girl, came too. Jakie.
Always smiling.Ezzie loved it.
And so did Brookie.
It had been a long time since she had last done this. Jobie mostly stood around.
With his cute little rubber boots on.
He loves to wear them.Oh, my.
Jake's hair looks like a mop.
It was at an awkward phase.
It looks much better now.While Ryan and Lara went riding around the farm,
the others did some exploring.
And found kitties.They named them all.
And wanted to bring them home.
They like being on the farm.
Pretty sure that's what they meowed to me anyway.And Jobie did some more standing around.Look at Ryan looking all cool in the background. The motley crew.
A great day on the farm.


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I LOVE Jobie's rubber boots -- especially with one pant leg tucked in and the other pant leg out :)

Danielle said...

The best birthday ever!!! That's what I heard. Thanks for taking Eli along for the day. And thanks for not bringing home any kitties. I've heard they always find their way back to the farm so there would have been broken hearts sooner or later :)