June 08, 2011


It's been an emotional last couple of weeks.
Lara went back to Germany Saturday.

We had a going away party for her the Wednesday before she left.
I stressed myself out.
Worrying about food.
Worrying about weather.
On and on and on.
We decorated with red, white and blue.
One last American fling before she returned.
To black, red and yellow.

Over 100 people were invited.
We had about 70 come maybe.
And there was sooo much food leftover.
And I took zero pictures.
That's awful.

Saturday came fast.
I knew it would be hard.
I did not anticipate how hard.

Either crying or close to tears.
ALL day long.
Puffy eyes for church the next day.
And strict instructions from Brookie:
Don't cry at church, Mom!

Anyway, back to Saturday.
We took a few pics before heading to the airport.
The little boys insisted on wearing their capes.
To the airport.
No idea why.
But I didn't fight them.
Brookie, of course was embarrassed.
I just thought it was adorable.The two hardest parts.
Seeing the little boys say goodbye.
Ezzie has handled it all by being naughty.
Not so much fun.
Jobie was so sad.
I never saw tears.
But I could hear him kinda making a sobbing sound.
Not being able to walk all the way to the gate with Lara.
Watching her walk up to security by herself was difficult.
The momma in me wanted to make sure she made it to her gate.We miss her.
It's weird at the house now.
I have to think twice before setting the table.
I don't hear her coming up the stairs.
Something is missing.

Lara is missing.


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

:( This is so sad.

You have no idea how blessed she was to have been placed with your family.

Amy said...

So sad. And I agree with Beki. What a lucky girl she was and is...

Danielle said...

I cried through this whole post. So sad. Eli misses her too. Thank goodness for fb. Oh yeah, I agree with Beki and Amy - Lara was one lucky girl.

meg duerksen said...

hey gina....

when i lost my phone and then got it back....i lost all my contacts. could you text me sometime?

seeing how you felt about lara makes me reconsider having a student at our house.....i may be fun! not as fun as a baby but still fun! ha ha ha