June 20, 2011

Our Summer So Far

Summer should be relaxing right?
I laugh at that statement.

Ezra told me Saturday:
Mommy, you said this summer would be fun.
Well, it isn't.

Bad Mommy.

It's true.
So far.
For the kids.
Not so much fun.
Well, Brookie is having fun.
She's been going to soccer camp.
Then another soccer camp.
Then another soccer camp.
And training.
Her love for soccer has exploded this summer.We are finally getting our basement done.
We ordered carpet.
Which meant I had to start painting.
Been putting that one off.
Ryan and I painted all day last Saturday.
And I've painted at least a little most days since then.
Now I just have one more wall to put a second coat on.
Then done.Brookelynn and Jake are excited to have carpet.
But are dragging their feet at cleaning up their rooms.
Everything has to be moved out for the carpeting.
And they are slobs.
I am BAD at making them keep their rooms clean.We've been doing landscaping outside also.
Saturday Ryan got four pick-up loads of mulch.
There's a free mulch pile in town.
It saved us so much money.
But it was hard work.
It's looking great around our fire pit though.We also are redoing other areas outside.
The bush on a stick behind Brookie is a favorite of mine.
We had one at our old house.
I was so excited when Ryan bought another one a few weeks ago.The bird bath had been in an odd place.
We put it in a spot when we moved here 3 years ago.
And that was where it stayed.
I finally got this area all cleaned up.
And Ryan moved it for me.
I love that I can now look out my window.
And see birds enjoying it.Just to prove that the summer hasn't been all bad.
I did take the kids to a great waterpark one day.
They loved it.
And we are planning our vacation.
Can't wait for that!


Kris said...

I finally had what I would call the perfect summer day just last Thursday. Get up, get things done before noon, swim, relax near the pool with no hurry to get anywhere! I told the kids, "this is what I dream about when I'm thinking about summer!" And I am bad about making my kids clean their rooms, too. I think I heard Dr. Dobson say once that it was okay to let kids keep their rooms however they want, but every once in awhile I get tired of seeing it and make them clean them up!

Amy said...

Your kids have messy rooms! You have a fault as a mom?! I finally found one! ;)

Danielle said...

Sounds like I need to come for a visit to check out all this work - hint! hint! (breakfast with you and Amy is the very first thing on my summer list :)