September 06, 2011

The Confidence of Ezra

Ezra loves to make mini pizzas.
Saturday we made them for lunch.Everyone made their own.
Except Brookie.
She wanted a frozen Totino's pizza.
As she was eating it, she said:
I could eat frozen pizza everyday.
I've never heard her say:
I could eat mom's cooking everyday.

But really I shouldn't complain.
I can be an awesome mom.
Just by having Totino's pizzas in the freezer.
Simple enough.

Ezra worked on his pizzas the longest.
He wanted them to be just perfect.This was the discussion he and I had:
Ezra: I'm probably going to be a famous pizza maker some day.
Me: Sounds good.
But I thought you were going to be a baseball player.
Ezra: Yah, I want to be a baseball player too.
Me: Well, you can't play baseball when you get old.
You can open a pizza restuarant then.

Seven hours later (out of the clear blue)
Ezra: I don't know if I want to be a famous pizza maker.
I think I'll just play baseball.
You can play baseball until you are old.
Babe Ruth played baseball when he was old.
And he was the best baseball player ever.
Well...until he died.
I don't really know who is the best baseball player now.He has confidence in so many areas.
Then sometimes he surprises us.
And shows a super sensitive side.

I was playing with Ezzie's hair Sunday afternoon.
(I LOVE his hair.
So much bounce and life.
Just like him.
But it can tend to get a little poofy at times.)

Ezra says: Some kids at school call me "muffin".Before Ryan, Brookelynn, Jake and I could stop ourselves,
we laughed.
Out loud.
And Ezra cried.
Then we all felt bad.
But it was funny.
And kinda' true.
Which, of course, is why we laughed.

Would it be really cruel
to make muffins for breakfast tomorrow?
Suddenly I'm really wanting some...


Chad and Jody said...

you are seriously so funny. and sick.

Danielle said...

Maybe Ezra can hang out with Mitch. Mitch's biggest hang up with turning 50 this year is that there aren't any professional baseball players left playing at 50. and Mitch doesn't have any hair. He can live vicariously through Ezra.