February 13, 2012

My Guy

Good grief.
I don't know where the time goes.
How does a week go by so fast?

Last Monday was Ryan's birthday.
He finally caught up with me.
We are 29...

I stole this pic from his fb page.Looking good, right?
Retro Ryan.
He used this for his office Christmas card.
They did a Brady Bunch card.
Pretty funny.

My fridge is never always clean.
But for some reason,
Ryan complains about never having room for pop.
That's what we call it in Kansas.
Not soda.
Not soft drink.
Not coke.
It's classy.

So the kids and I got him an amazing gift.
A little fridge.
Stocked with lots of pop.
And a little water too.Well, it was full.
I took this pic this morning.
We've drank a little of it.

Mr. Pibb is his favorite.
They don't sell it around here.
But near KC they do.
Brookie and I were recently up that way.
So I grabbed some for him.

Saturday night I asked him:
Do you mind if I have a Dr. Pepper Ten from your fridge?
He said:
I have Dr. Pepper Ten in my fridge?
I just saw the Pibb.

By this time,
he had drank a couple of Pibbs from there.
How he didn't see the other pop,
I have no idea.

Then, a while later that night.
Ryan goes to get a pop from his fridge.
Comes back in the family room saying:
Jake, there's cream soda in there too!
Man, he's good.

I made him tuna steak for supper.
It's one of about 3 meals that he really cares about.
And a butterscotch pie.
A bit of a pain to make.
But WAY better than fake butterscotch.
And worth it for my man.

And everybody goes:
Awww, how sweet.

Happy birthday, Ryan.
(A week late.)
I think you are pretty groovy.


Amy said...

He is groovy. And if you're 29... that makes me 24! :)

We actually talked about Ryan on our way to Wichita tonight. I suggested Cracker Barrel for supper. Corey said something like, "Everyone loves Cracker Barrel!!! Well, everyone except Ryan." :)

Danielle said...

Happy, happy birthday to Ryan! We did celebrate his birth at dinner at our house on his day (seriously, Eli remembered!). I'm glad to know I'm back in my early 30s :)

Amy said...

We should really all celebrate birthdays together! :)