February 03, 2012

Two Things

Hanging out with the family tonight.
Watching Over the Hedge for the millionth time.
So, since I have the movie nearly memorized,
thought I'd pop on here.
To tell you two things.

1) The poinsettia is still in my living room.
I have walked by it a few thousand more times.
And still not thrown it out.
My excuse today?
It's raining.
Raining buckets.
Which we need.
But I'm fairly certain I'm made of sugar.
And would melt if I happened to step out.
So, for the sake of my family,
the poinsettia stays.
Don't ask me about the other three days this week.
I have no excuse.
But I do feel better admitting that it is still there.
Since I told you I was getting rid of it.

2) I finished Mockingjay.
You know.
The last in the Hunger Games Trilogy.
At the risk of angering some of you...
Not crazy about it.
Loved the first book.
Really liked the second until the last 25% or so.
But this last one.
Not so much.
Not quite able to put a finger on the why.
Maybe it's too violent?
Not character-driven enough?
But I can now at least say I've read them all.
My older two want to read them.
I'm leaning toward no, not yet.
Even though many of their friends have.
If it means I'm the ridiculous mom,
It means I'm the ridiculous mom.
I'm ok with that.

I'm off to pop popcorn.
And make orange julius for the family.
That will redeem myself a bit in their eyes.

Have a great weekend!


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Popcorn & Orange Julius is the BEST combination. I sure hope you were "Super Mom" tonight....AND, we might just have to do that again in this house. Thanks for the reminder :)

Usemeplz said...

Sme strange style of posting, but it is really cool!!!)))

Anonymous said...

BE the ridiculous mom! That's ok, it's GOOD actually. I know there are a few things that I just stood my ground with, with my kids, because for us, it was the right thing. They may not understand it, but that's ok! And, the poinsettia -- I love that you admit that. I have had that same thing in my house, but not this year LOL>

Amy said...

I believe you have a friend who offered to take the poinsettia out for you... :)

Finished book #2...

Corey made more sugar cookies last night. We might have to deliver some this weekend. :)

Mica said...

Hmm - a lot of people felt that way about book 3. I know what you mean, but although there were certainly some disappointments...I won't spoil here....looking back on it after letting it sit a while I am pretty much satisfied. I guess it's like, in a world that bad, how could everything end up roses? If it had been too happy it may not have worked. Anyway, as far as letting the kids read it - you know your kids better than anybody so you have to go with your gut. When I was in library school we read the first book in our YA class. There was a huge disparity on what people thought about the age that would be appropriate to encourage reading The Hunger Games. I always think that depends on the kid. It's just nice to see someone actually paying attention to what their kids are reading, what a good mom!

jakcy said...

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