February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day

I walked into my kitchen Tuesday morning.
To see this on the counter.The most gorgeous arrangement I have ever received.

I was also told not to worry about supper.
Some of my favorite words.

After school I left the kids at home.
To run an errand.
When I got back,
Brookie had put a dress out on my bed.
The dress that Ryan had bought me for our anniversary.
That I had never had an opportunity to wear yet.

The kids set a table for two in front of our fireplace.
And changed into white shirts and black pants.

Ryan brought home supper.
McDonalds for the kids.
The boys were thrilled.
Brookie, not so much.
And Mediterranean food for the two of us.

The kids had to serve us.
Brookie dished each course up.
The boys brought the food to us.
And cleared the dishes.

Brookie stayed away from the table the whole meal.
She was embarrassed by the romance, I guess.
The little boys were so excited about it all.
And Jake started trying to sneak into the room.
To hear our mushy conversations.
It was so cute.

Ryan had also had the little boys decorate some 3x5 cards.
Then he wrote questions on them.
Like: what first caught your attention about me?
And: what still captures it now?
There were about 6 different cards.
Ezra was in charge of handing these out throughout the meal.

Our precious servers for the evening.
After supper we all sat together on the couch.
In our fancy clothes.
And watched an episode of one of our favorite shows together.

Oh, and we also gave the kids some valentines.
Just things they love.
Pickles for Brookie.
Beef jerky for Jakie.
Candy for the little boys.

And Ryan bought Brookie 3 roses.
For his baby girl.
She had gotten a stuffed animal and kitkats.
From her "boyfriend" Max.
(Ryan did not know that until he got home.)
Not sure what "boyfriend" means.
Since we don't let her go to dances.
Or drop her off at the movie theatre.
Or let her talk to him on the phone.
Or let her do anything with him really.
She sees him at school.
That's about it.

When she went to bed that night.
She said:
Dad, your valentine was better than Max's.
Best thing she could have said to her daddy.

I'm off.
To enjoy my flowers some more.Lovely.


Tami said...

So sweet! Love it.

Danielle said...

This post made me cry. I love it!