March 12, 2012

Oh How My Mind Rambles

I finally threw my poinsettia out.
On Thursday.
I feel better having that done.
It was clearly a difficult task.
Since it took me a couple months.
One big project done.

So far today I have
cleaned my pantry cupboard
taken Jobie to a dentist appointment
paid some bills
picked up the family room
washed and dried some dishes
washed a load of laundry
and folded a load from the weekend.

It's beautiful outside.
I hope to get some work done out there.
Before school is out.
Then I'll take Jake to an eye appointment
get Brookie from track practice
take her to soccer practice
and make supper.

The other day Jobie put his hands over his earsand asked:
Mommy, can you hear me talking to you?
So cute!
When I said yes,
he was a little disappointed.
He must have thought
he'd discovered something pretty amazing.
Only to have his mom ruin it.

My time with him at home is rapidly disappearing.
Before I know it Fall will be here.
And he will be walking into a kindergarten classroom.

What is so exciting
about watching each other
play games on an ipad?
Ezzie had two friends over Friday.
He was so excited.
Counted down the days all week.
Knew exactly what he wanted for snack.
Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.I got a picture of the snack.
But no picture of the boys.
It's all about priorities, people.

Jake had two friends over also.
Most days anywhere from 1-3 friends
come home with him after school.
When I brought the snack outside to them,
one of them said:
Oh man! I've never had homemade ones before! Thanks!
Made my day.

All of us cuddled up on the couch Saturday night.
And watched Courageous.
It was good.

The last couple of weeks
I've been discovering the fun of instagram.
I finally got an iphone.
I'm giddy over icloud.
The syncing between my ipad and iphone.
How fun!

I've also jumped on the pinterest bandwagon.
Last night I pinned an outfit I liked.
And within minutes it had over 200 repins.
Today it has almost 400.
Crazy stuff.

One last thing.
My wrapper from my Dove chocolate.I asked Ryan if that would be sexy.
Then I asked him how to be mysterious.
He just looked at me,
and kinda rolled his eyes.

Apparently asking how to be mysterious
is neither mysterious
or sexy.
A lesson learned.


Amy said...

I love that you just threw your poinsettia out. I actually went back to your January post to see the dead picture of it. And it made me laugh. The thing was DEAD in JANUARY! And you threw it out in March. It makes me giggle just thinking about it. This is just one of the many reasons we are friends. :)

I may start hiding dead plants around your house... just to see how long they stay there. ;)

Danielle said...

Ok, it made me cry to think about Jobie going to kindergarten. Let's not talk about it anymore, ok? Let's keep things on the level, like dead plants and such :)