March 13, 2012

Older Ones

Going thru what seemed like thousands of pictures.
For Mom and Dad's anniversary.
Was exhausting fun.

I found so many great pictures.
That brought back great memories.
Here's just a few.
I promise.

Jakie waited until he was nearly 15 months old to walk.
But one day he just decided to go.
He picked up his little dog Tracker.
And took off.He was so proud of himself.
From that time on
Tracker always had to go to bed with him.
When Jakie is really laughing,
he still looks just like this.
He was also the roundest of my babies.
So squeezable!

Brookie's first trip to American Girl in Chicago.This is just one of the sweetest pictures of her.
Her hair.
Her little arms.
That already look like they have tiny little muscles.
She's a wiry thing.
So cute!

And one of my favorites of the two of them.They always got along so well.
The past few years,
there has been a little more fighting.
But recently,
it seems they are getting along better again.

Once I got into high school,
my brother and I hardly ever fought.
Probably because I was so mature.
Seroiusly, we were really good friends.

So I'm hoping that is how Brookie and Jakie
soon see each other.

This is my brother and I.
On vacation.
Our best family vacation.
The summer before my senior year.
He was going to be a sophmore.My mom says it's one of her favorite pictures of us.

There you have it.
A teeny trip down memory lane.
Thanks for indulging me.


Amy said...

Oh my goodness. If you drew on little glasses in that picture, Jake looks exactly the same! And Brookie looks so much like Jobie in that picture. I think she should still let you put pigtails and ribbons in her hair. :)

Danielle said...

I think Jakie looks like Jobie. So fun!! I also love your new header. Very fun and clever!