August 08, 2012


So much time has gone by that I hardly know where to begin.

Nearly every day I say to myself:
I'm going to blog today.
Just one picture.
Just one sentence.

Then another day goes by.
And I've done nothing.
Well, actually... I've done tons.
Just no blogging.

So here's an attempt to catch-up on our summer.

There's been lots of sports.

There's been a good-bye.
Ezra's best friend.
Whose mom is one of my best friends.

There's been a visit from Lara.
And her brother.
And her best friend.

There's been a wedding.
With a gorgeous venue.
A gorgeous bride (my cousin).
And an adorable, but petrified, little boy.

There's been a vacation.
With maybe some teenage drama.
Maybe some irritated parents.
Maybe some whiny kids.
Maybe a lot of sweat.
But, in the end, a whole lot of fun.

There's been time on the farm.
Grandpa bought Jake work boots.
And he now drives a tractor.
How did that happen?

There's been a new baby cousin.
Zeeke Nevada.
Just born yesterday.
Jake refused to hold him.
So did Jobe.

There's been scraping and painting.
We finally gave up.
And hired some help.
I'm loving the new look!
I'll show you the finished product soon.

There's been imitating a giraffe.

There's been plenty of holding our wee-wee.
In public places.
At the zoo.
At the Alamo.

At least he appears to be embarrassed by it.
And at least he didn't do it at the wedding.

So, there's our summer.

I'm exhausted.
And we still have school supplies to buy.
Which is more exhausting than anything else we've done.

Not looking forward to school this year.
One week from today.
My baby starts school.

There will be weeping.


Danielle said...

What a great summer wrap-up! I think I'll do the same thing since I haven't blogged for over a month. Love the pic of Brookie imitating a giraffe!

We've talked lots at our house about Jobie starting school. We're sad too. I can't imagine what that day will look like for you. We're praying for a quick and smooth transition. Love you!

Amy said...

So I'm a bit of an emotional mess today. (again) The picture of Lawson and Ezzie and your words there made me teary. :(

That baseball picture of Ezra is one of my all time favorites. Such an awesome picture.

Can't wait to see your house all happy yellow! It looks great so far! And I had to go back and find the post... Lawson and Jobe could be outfit twins.

Can't wait to hear about the 1st day of school! Miss you so much!