September 27, 2012

Key Lime

This is the most popular pie in my family.
My mom makes it.
My sis-in-law makes it.
I make it.

It may seem more like a spring/summer recipe.
But we don't care.
We'll eat it whenever.

It's super easy.
It sounds fancy.
And a little exotic, even.
But it only takes minutes to make.


A graham cracker crust.
I always make my own.
It's easy, cheap and tastes better.
(In my humble opinion.)
I also bake it before I put the filling in.
Even though the pie gets baked
for a little with the filling.
 Egg yolks.
Sweetened condensed milk.
And lime juice.
That's it.
Oh, and a drop or two of green food coloring,
if you want.
Key Lime Pie

1-9 inch prepared graham cracker crust
4 egg yolks
1-14oz. can sweetened condensed milk
3 oz. lime juice

Combine egg yolks and sweetened condensed milk and blend well. Add lime juice gradually and beat until filling is smooth and creamy. If desired, add one to two drops green food coloring and mix. Pour into graham cracker crust and bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Chill. Serve with whipped cream.

While my crust is baking,
I prepare the pie filling.
I typically use my little electric hand mixer for this.
And I just mix it all in a 4 cup glass Pyrex measuring cup.
Then it's super easy to pour into the pie crust.

One time I used real key limes.
Never again.
Those things are tiny.
It took a whole bag of 20 some limes to get 3 oz.
Not fun.
On top of all that.
I didn't even notice a difference in the taste.
Not. Worth. It.
It typically only takes 2-3 regular limes to get 3 oz.
So much simpler.

And I always whip the cream for the topping myself.
With some sugar and vanilla.
Then I enjoy the last piece for breakfast.
While all the kiddos are at school.


Danielle said...


keepingthemistakes said...

Seriously yummy. We are that way with strawberry pie. Any time of year. How about sharing how you make your graham cracker crust too?

Julie Ann Events said...

So I made your recipe today! Even made my own graham cracker crust for the first time! Thanks for sharing. I don't think I added enough lime into my pie though. It wasn't tart. Is it supposed to be tart at all? I have a hard time guestimating 3 oz.