October 02, 2012

All Day

All day kindergarten started today.
Might have been harder than the first day.
For both of us.

7 hours without this face.
 I miss my time with him already.

I remember looking forward to these days.
And I know I will like them some day.
Hopefully soon.
But today I miss him like crazy.
Moms with young kids at home:
Love them tons.
Try not to get too frustrated.
Read a book with them.
Play a game.
Do a puzzle.
Hold their little hand.

Before your ready,
they're out the door.
Off to school.
Experiencing new things.
Without you.
About the time Ezzie snapped this picture
on the way to school Thursday,
Jobie was saying:
I just miss you so much.

The feeling is mutual, baby.


Amy said...

So sweet. Still love that shot! Way to go, Ezzie !

Melissa Flaming said...

The time DOES go too fast. Caleb (now 11) still wants me to read to him, play a game with him, just sit with him. That's the baby for you...and I"m glad.
However, if this is happening 10 yrs. from now, I'll know I did something wrong. But for now, I'm gonna enjoy it!