August 26, 2010

Too Long

16 years.
That's too long.
But that is almost exactly how long it had been.
Since I had seen my best friend, Myrah.
From my first year of college in Chicago.
She had never met my kids.
I had never met her husband.

Here she is 19 years ago.
She's gonna love this.

There were 5 of us that did a lot together.
I'm still amazed that they included me.
They were all creative.
And I was...
A small town Kansas girl.
With no amazing talents.
Who had never been away from home.
And was incredibly homesick.But somehow they put up with me.
And gave me lots of great memories.
Myrah was a bridesmaid in our wedding.
That was the last time we had seen each other.
The other 3 I have not seen since 1992.
Christy in the back left was my roommate.
Back to 2010.
Myrah grew up and still lives in New York.
Niagara Falls is about 5 hours or so from her.
I asked her if she would like to meet us in the middle.
And she did.
We hung out in Rochester.
Went to a zoo.
Lake Ontario.
Left the hubbies and my kids at the hotel.
And went for coffee.
Just the two of us.
Closed down Starbucks.
Then breakfast in the morning.
Before heading our seperate ways again.

It was super!
And she surprised me.
She's gonna be a momma.
So excited for her and her man!
She will be a super fun mom.We really liked her hubby too.
Although I knew he had to be pretty great to have picked Myrah out.Thanks, Myrah and Josh!
It better not be 16 years before we meet again.

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