August 16, 2010


We left on a Saturday morning.
First stop Indianapolis.
Ten hours.
4 kids.
No DVDs.
Cuz we're crazy people.
And when we were shopping for a van,
nearly 6 years ago,
we said we didn't want a dvd player.
We like to do things old school.
Our kids really are good travelers.
The first 5 hours we had to stop quite a bit.
Jobe had to pee.
Jobe had to poop.
Jobe had to poop again.
Ezra had to pee.
The last 5 hours.
Not one stop.

Jobe was ready for a swim.
100 miles into the trip.
And I wish I would have counted the times
Ezra asked: Are we almost there?

Before we left I had looked for some coupons online.
Found one for an Italian restuarant in Indy.
Really didn't think Ryan would go for it.
But he did.
The staff was super nice.
Great waitress.
Wonderful food.
We were done.
We were stuffed.
Waiting for our check.
Had our $10 off coupon all ready.
Our waitress comes up and says: My boss is covering your bill.
Ummm. What?
We don't get it.
Apparently she was ranting in the kitchen.
My food was given to another order.
She thought we had to wait too long.
I think we've waited longer at our local Mickey D's.
Anyway, free meal.
For the entire family.
She got a nice tip.
If you are ever in Indy, try the place.
Yummy!Next morning we headed to a children's museum.
Billed as one of the best in the US of A.It was huge.
And fun.Ryan particularly liked the Barbie exhibit.So did Jake.
Hand written lyrics to Mellencamp's Small Town.
One of our faves.
Little boys rocking it out.Next stop.
The speedway.The tour of the track was cool.
But if you ever go there,
don't bother with the museum.
Unless you are into cart racing.
Which we are not.
Nascar, please.
Oh, there's one car.
Home Depot/Tony Stewart.
That was it.

The night before in the hotel lobby,
a family was eating pizza.
Ryan liked the boxes.
So we did something we had never done on vacation before.
We went back to the hotel.
And ordered pizza.
Proof that packaging does sell.
Flavored crust.
Lots of different toppings.
Pretty cheap.
And good.Then it was off to the pool.
To wear the kids out before bed.
We loved Indy.
Great costumer service everywhere.
My marketer hubby was impressed.
If you haven't been, go.

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Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

That's awesome that Buca covered your meal....We LOVE that place as well. We haven't been to the one in Indy, though...Actually, a guy I used to work with at International Dairy Queen (up in Minnesota) comes from the family who originally started it. So, needless to say, we were there some up there on business trips.