August 19, 2010

This Morning

Was hard.

Took an overwhelmed Lara to the high school.
Made sure she could still get into her locker.
Helped her locate her first class.
Left her looking scared out of her mind.

Rushing back home.
Hoping to make it before Jake was picked up.
Tapping the steering wheel.
I'm sure it was the longest train.

Pull into drive.
Missed Jakie.
Ezzie jumping up and down in driveway.
Backpack on.
So excited.
So nervous.
Walk to school.
Across our field of dewy grass.
Soggy grassy feet.
Half way there realize Brookie isn't with us.
She was really wanting to take Ezzie the first day.
(she starts school tomorrow)
Me: Where's Brookie?
Hubby: In bed.
She is not going to be happy when she wakes up.

Leave Ezzie.
Not him.

Ryan: Jobie, aren't you going to miss Ezzie?
Ryan: He's in good hands.
Ryan: Jobie, you'll be going to school in two years.
Thinking it's funny to say things to make me cry.

Pictures will come tomorrow.
When I am more composed to look at them.

Now this mama is going to read some books to her 3 year old.
Before her daughter wakes up.
Angry that she missed all the excitement.

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Greg Nickel said...

give yourself some grace, G. they're all okay.