August 30, 2010

The Last of Them

Just a few more pics from vacation.We counted Chrystler 300's, water towers and McDonald's.
Jobie was real good at spotting Mickey D's.
Imagine that.This was the only part Ryan liked in the Barbie exhibit.I loved showing Brookie some of the Barbies I had.
And there was this amazing collection of handmade Barbie clothes.
We marveled over those awhile.
When we turned around the boys were gone.
We found them outside of the exhibit.
In a little corner.
Looking at G.I. Joe.
Ryan was very upset that it was such a tiny exhibit.
A whole big exhibit with brochures and everything for Barbie.
And a tiny little corner for G.I. Joe?
He thinks G.I. Joe is much more important to American culture than Barbie.

Always fun to unlock the hotel room door.
While your trunks slide down your rear. Just pure cuteness.
But that's a mommy talking.Jobie loved the falls.
Just pure handsomeness.
But that's a wife talking.Still love that smile.

Not sure why.
But I love this one.
Although it could be better.
Two words.
Dark chocolate.My girl.
I love her.Checking out the polar bear.
Nice tushy!
The kids thought we took too many pictures.
But they managed to keep smiling.
Tomorrow I'll bring you back to my real world.
Things have been busy here.
As if that's anything unusual.

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