November 10, 2011

Mr. Moosey Takes a Trip

Ryan headed to Chicago Saturday.
I was jealous.
Really jealous.
He got to stay one night with his cousin's family.
I love them.
He got to stay at a hotel on Michigan Ave for 3 nights.
I love Michigan Ave.
He got to eat Chicago-style pizza.
I love Chicago-style pizza.
Did I mention I was jealous?

Moving on...

Ryan took one of the little boys' finger puppets.
And sent us texts.
Documenting Mr. Moosey's stay in Chicago.

Day 1:
Buckled in and ready for the flight.
Waiting for his luggage.
Mr. Moosey at Libby's.
Day 2:
Mr. Moosey worshipping.
Mr. Moosey catching a nap at the hotel.
Day 3:
Mr. Moosey a little scared of heights.
Day 4:
Mr. Moosey helping daddy update facebook between meetings.
Mr. Moosey feels small with all these tall buildings.
Day 5:
Mr. Moosey misses everyone.
He even had to shave this morning
so he would look his best for you.
Mr. Moosey getting ready to board the plane.
He's happy!
Mr. Moosey wanted the window seat.
We were all very glad to pick Mr. Moosey up last night.
Well...and Daddy too.
None of us more than me.
(I might have been getting a bit crabby.)


Tami said...

Ryan, that is awesome!

Jody said...

I love that! I bet your kids had fun seeing Mr Moosey's adventures.

Danielle said...

Love this!! What a great idea. We had to read it out loud as a family and look at the pics of Mr Moosey's adventures.

Amy said...

Love this!

Julie said...

hahaha omg it is so funny. Mr. Moosey´s trip looks like mine! He is a businessman that is very aware of his social needs. I liked it a lot. When I travelled to Argentina I did the same things he did, except that I rented apartments in Buenos Aires and he stayed in hotels. Next time he should try the renting, should not he?
Hey, nice stoy and the kids are beautiful!