November 22, 2011

Wings Soccer

We took Brookie to a Wings soccer game this weekend.
She was super excited to go.
I was too.

When I was her age.
We went to at least a couple games a year.
Always fun.
Especially when I went with my best friend.
We would argue over who was the cutest best player.
(It was Chico, right Sarah?)

Then suddenly the Wings were no more.
Sad day.

They have returned.

The game was so much fun.
Even though we lost.

So adorable when she stuffs her face.Retro Wings shirt.That was mine.
How it stayed that white, I have no idea.
Either my mom was amazing at getting stains out.
Or I was the perfect child.

Pretty sure it was the latter.


Danielle said...

Love the shirt!!! I'm pretty sure your mom is amazing AND you were a perfect child.

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I always thought that either Andy Chapman or Eric Rasmussen were the cutest Wings' players back in the ol' friend and I used to pretend we were married to them (I believe I was Mrs. Rasmussen)...AND, I cannot believe I just admitted that for the world by way of this comment....Thanks for the flashback.

rentz said...

Your right. Rasmussen was cute. My friend liked Chapman. Good memories.