May 03, 2011

I Walk Funny

It's true.
Look.My toes point WAY out.
Never thought about it too much.
Until the little boys started taking pictures from behind.
All those pics are not flattering.
For many reasons.

Anyway, I waddle.
There's no other word for it.
When I was pregnant my waddle was worse.

Pregnancy and I were not friends.
I hated nearly every moment of it.
Not because I was sick.
Sure there was a little nausea.
And all that fun stuff.
It just wasn't enjoyable to me.
I gained 50-60 pounds with each pregnancy.
That is ridiculous.

You know those husbands that say:
My wife was never more beautiful
than when she was pregnant.
That was NOT my husband.

I did not "glow".
But I definitely waddled.

Most women do look so cute when they're pregnant.
I was not one of them.
(Your gonna have to trust me on this one.
There will be no pictures here.)

Can we say: off track?

So, I'm working on walking properly.
When it crosses my mind.
Which doesn't really happen all that often.

Not sure why walking properly is important.
Not going to be on a catwalk or anything.
A model I am not.
It's just been bothering me.
But it's hard to break a habit.
That I've had for my whole life.
Likely, I'll still be walking this way 30 years from now.

An old granny.
Who walks funny.
It will give my grandkids something to talk about.


Danielle said...

For what it's worth, I'm a former dancer and I LOVE it that you point your toes out like that. I want to walk the way YOU walk :)

MICHELE said...

You are funny. I remember when you were pregnant with Brookelyn and you were cute. But I 100% agree I hate being pregnant.